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#【Alpaca Stacka】I love alpacas & Zatsudan【NIJISANJI EN | Maria Marionette】 #love, #loveudad, #mylove, #lovehim, love,vevo,cole,love vevo, 2022

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17 thoughts on “#【Alpaca Stacka】I love alpacas & Zatsudan【NIJISANJI EN | Maria Marionette】 #love 2022”
  1. Mari is truly gaming today with the speedrun. Thanks for a comfy Zatsu as well. Great to hear some stories and impromptu DCL concert. Can’t wait for the actual one and hope you feel better for the tummy as well. OtsuMariring~💖

  2. Wah! Thank you so much for this Zatsudan, We chatted and had a lot of fun! I wish you a good sleep Maria the Cutest Siren TSKR 💖
    You can Sing, Draw, Dance, POG in Games and Speaks ANY Languages Fluently… Sasuga 天才 Maria! ☺👍💯Thank you for being NIJISANJI🌈

  3. ~Timestamps~ Courtesy of Marippetcord
    1:33 Whisper mariring~
    4:08 Little stomach ache
    6:25 Chu
    7:50 Mushroom bouncing
    9:07 Chasing a chick down
    10:29 Kyo in chat
    11:05 Double stack of chicken
    12:35 That’s a lot of apples
    13:52 Talking about McDonalds nuggets
    14:41 Sorry to tell you Cheri
    15:49 Helikopta helikopta + Maria could eat 10 apples
    17:40 Playing again
    18:05 Millie raid
    20:46 Look at this stack
    22:34 Stack from biggest to smallest
    28:50 Trying again, stack from Biggest to smallest
    31:49 Alpaca in AU?
    33:50 Zatsudan time
    35:49 Messing around with assets
    36:11 Showing off stage asset
    37:36 DCL
    39:32 Taiga chant
    41:28 Pan chants
    44:10 JP stream one of these days
    44:44 Story of fan getting Family mart prints
    46:30 Plays with a puppet while streaming
    47:37 Trying to learn Korean
    48:38 How long it took to learn Japanese
    49:36 Maria always plays healer
    55:47 Talking about Tsukemen
    57:28 Grew up with 3 languages
    59:20 China holiday story
    1:00:16 Bonnivier in chat
    1:01:22 Maria starbucks drink?
    1:01:48 Barista Maria
    1:02:58 Wants to get a milk steaming machine
    1:03:41 Is manga a book?
    1:04:53 Learned JP pitch accent from shows
    1:09:09 Maria’s accent
    1:10:35 Maria’s get well soon to anyone sick
    1:13:43 Do you play fighting games?
    1:15:10 Maria scream
    1:16:39 Koshien siren
    1:17:58 Which JP senpais do you watch often?
    1:19:33 Never had waffles
    1:20:08 Chicken, beef, or pork?
    1:21:57 Favorite foods
    1:22:52 Chinese tongue twister
    1:25:49 Talking about Saturday’s zatsudan
    1:27:12 Next collab?
    1:28:14 Planning a collab with Kyo
    1:29:56 Time and date for Kyo collab
    1:31:25 House plan for minecraft
    1:34:39 Coal fact
    1:35:51 Maria talking about past school and work
    1:38:22 Had to work for school
    1:39:18 Life is not easy but you have to keep working hard
    1:42:58 Chat asks about dancing stream
    1:44:18 When Maria unlocks 3D maybe break dancing meme + 20 member emotes on the way
    1:44:56 Wants to learn about more senpais
    1:46:35 Bills first then superchat
    1:51:26 Talking about watching Shrek with the other niji members
    1:52:03 Favorite Disney princess
    1:53:35 Disney karaoke in the future
    1:55:58 Otsumariring~

  4. Thanks for the comfy stream today Maria! Looking forward to those membership emotes. Hope you get some good rest, and otsumariring~

  5. 配信ありがとう~!

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