#🏦English Money And Economic News Phrases It Helps To Know💙Ep 564 #economy #economics #world, Economy News 2022

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Vocabulary of Money: A Guide to Understanding English Financial Phrases

In this English lesson we talk about the price of money, how loans work and lots more. **Financial jargon and statistics can confuse new English language learners.** So we use lots of examples to help explain English money and economic terms to help you understand some of the more common phrases that are used in business and interacting with banks. This type of English vocabulary and phrases (https://adeptenglish.com/english/phrases/ ) will help you follow English financial news reporting and deal with things like banks and loans.

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I covered the UK cost-of-living crisis in podcast 534 (https://adeptenglish.com/lessons/learn-english-language-fluency/ ), and if you haven’t listened to that one yet it would be a good follow on lesson to this one. We all have to work with money, deal with banks and loans. So understanding the common economic vocabulary used in everyday English is really worth learning. This is especially useful if you are looking to take an IELTS exam, as IELTS examiners like to hear money and statistical terms being used correctly and understood.

As with any language, understanding the context in which we use words will help you more quickly grasp their meaning. The English language has a lot of terms that are used in business and economics. Understanding the meaning and usage of these will help you communicate more effectively with others, as well as understand what they are talking about.

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#🏦English Money And Economic News Phrases It Helps To Know💙Ep 564 #wealth #future #politics #usa #realestate, Economy News 2022

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