#10 years driving EVs: What I LOVE and what I HATE about electric vehicles! #love, #loveudad, #mylove, #lovehim, interscope,hop,top,love vevo official 2022

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10 years driving over 100 hundred different electric vehicles: What I LOVE and what I HATE about EVs! Pros and cons for your decision: EV or petrol?

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00:00 Electric Vehicles: What I love and hate!
00:10 LOVE 1. Silence
00:25 LOVE 2. Power/Acceleration
01:26 LOVE 3. Efficiency
01:43 LOVE 4. Sustainability
03:56 HATE 1. Recharging/Infrastructure
06:05 HATE 2. Range anxiety
07:37 HATE 3. Missing sound
08:38 HATE 4. Unnatural feeling

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#10 years driving EVs: What I LOVE and what I HATE about electric vehicles! #love, #loveudad, #mylove, #lovehim, love,vevo,cole,love vevo, 2022

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50 thoughts on “#10 years driving EVs: What I LOVE and what I HATE about electric vehicles! #love 2022”
  1. Great video! I think in the future EVs will have a driving mode that perfectly emulates the feeling of driving a petrol vehicle, and I’m surprised this hasn’t been done yet. It shouldn’t be that difficult. Also, mining the metals necessary to make the batteries won’t be a problem as battery recycling technology continues to improve. 95% of those metals will come from other people’s batteries.

  2. I agree with Thomas about the negative points and I would add (like a few others did) that the price difference between ICE and EV (even when you compare same model like the Kona or Niro for example) is too high. That old excuse that its a “new technology” and Li-ion is expensive, flies out of the window when you consider the following:
    1) Li-ion tech existed in the Apollo missions in the 60`s. The tech is not exactly “new”.
    2) It`s been implemented for over 10 years now in cars and is in mass production by several manufacturers for a while. So there is price competition and lower production overhead costs.
    3) To design and produce a new ICE engine and car, requires precision machinery, heavy metals, special pumps (Air, Fuel, Oil), exhaust and catalytic converter, sparks, coils, turbo chargers etc`… All those parts don`t exist in an EV and the design of an electric engine is much simpler than an ICE engine. So the manufacturer saves a lot by not putting all those parts into the car and on build time (less complexity and materials) and still the EV costs more? I think it`s an excuse to charge more because its “new” rather than the actual production costs, which are (i think) much less.
    4) Lifting a sedan or hatchback by 3 inches and calling it “crossover” or SUV is the biggest scam in the car industry. Just put your hand to cover the bottom side of a crossover (to hide the wheels) and you will see a normal sedan. That lame trick that increases the price by 10k$ usually, needs to stop in order to give people more affordable EV`s.
    5) No one is producing small (Picanto/VW up/Smart) EV`s with a normal range (even 200 Km would be enough). So there are no small budget options for cities (even city rental companies) to use. Can you imagine a fleet of compact EV`s the size of a Kia Picanto for rent whenever you wish to travel inside a large city? No pollution, cheap rental price (than a Taxi), more parking spaces, no car noises. That is the future.

  3. It was funny to see how 50 electric cars queue in Croatia during summer vacation. Can you imagine taking care of this instead of enjoying vacation?

  4. As someone that lives in NYC, infrastructure is my number 1 problem. NYC has almost no electric charging infrastructure and nearly all of the existing infrastructure is paywalled behind parking garages that charge you $40 per hour or $400+ per month. At that rate there are no cost savings by going electric in comparison to ICE vehicles.

  5. Futuristic design for the sake of it. Ioniq for one. Why are the smaller Mercedes ev’s only SUV’s? The battery tech isn’t good enough yet. It will improve but it will be a year or two before I commit to an ev. Good review – as usual.

  6. I only loved that I can have non guilty flooring, it’s addicting. I have couple of dislikes, EVs will kill car enthusiast because of similar powers, modular car arcitecture (no special vehicle), taking away the driving itself with autonomy. And the driving feel as you said at the end. What I think would be optimal is to further develop ICE to make carbon to become almost nothing so having multiple powertrain for the future, diversify it in case of resources shortage

  7. one more big con: battery health declines over years just like we know it from smartphones. So the range of your car will be much less in 5 to 10 years.

  8. We rented a Model 3 for the summer and drove 37550km with a consumption of 14,5kWh/100km, it’s like we consume close to 1,5 litre/100 km in term of energy (with a normal driving and mostly on motorway) helps to understand the interest of driving an EV to people who currently don’t understand the interest of this technology

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