1000 People Simulate Civilization Western News dailynews russiaukraine 2022

#1000 People Simulate Civilization! #westernmassnews, #interview, #ukraine 2022

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We simulated civilization with 1000 players on the same Minecraft server! After 24 Hours they will battle for $30,000!


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#1000 People Simulate Civilization! Western News, western ukraine, us news, news, #interview, 2022

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58 thoughts on “#1000 People Simulate Civilization! Western News #dailynews #russiaukraine 2022”
  1. Mr beast i know you challenge you should do with chandler, Chris, and Karl. It should be “Beating Minecraft But I’m Using My Feet Not Hands To Play

  2. Did these Minecrafters read the Art of War before this?? Sun Tzu would be proud

  3. Wait hangon! So the rich lazy spoilt YouTubers got the 30k$ but not the broke kids doing most the work?!

  4. All my favorite mincraft civilisation youtube vid makers in 1 vid with nr beast?, THIS IS A FORKIN WIN

  5. I’ve watched literally every single one of these on YouTube. Thank you fire making another one Jimmy😘

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