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#$100,000 Tesla Stolen Wheels From Celebrity celebrity news 2022, #bollywood #celebritynews #star #actor

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29 thoughts on “#$100,000 Tesla Stolen Wheels From Celebrity #celebrity news 2022”
  1. Owen Wilson just said just favorite word

    With his long ass nose 😂

  2. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuidem donde quiera que Nelabarbyy.Uno encantan tus videos.

  3. I don’t get it , seriously I don’t understand , like this is on going and we live in a time where you can track anything , so why hasn’t someone did something about this. Setup a sting operation of some kind or is it that they just don’t care .

  4. No one else is amazed at how much weight 4 milk crates can hold up? Tesla Model S is atleast 5000lbs!

  5. Where is Seth Rogen to make a dumbass comment about only having his car broken into 15 times and it’s fine?

  6. Seth is a fool no matter your circumstances work for what you want being poor is not a valid excuse so let don’t try to rationalize this

  7. Lew, it’s called parenting. Your priorities in life can change a little when you get married: you have this other adult person’s life that you have to adjust to and they to yours, you can communicate with each other. But children, especially babies will change all those priorities in life. There is this tiny helpless person that you are responsible for, in every aspect of their life. Wow! What a privilege, at the same time you get to mould his and or her life. That the job you do with them can positively or negatively impact society and thus the world. This person you’ve helped bring into this world is your legacy to its future, and to yours. Makes you think twice about that act of biological gratification, who knew it has such philosophical implications.

  8. Seth Rogan is an idiot, you shouldn’t justify crime, no matter how much you like the city. I’ve been living in LA for 12 years and it’s getting progressively worse.

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