With this new 15-min routine, kids will exercise their arms, belly and legs, in order to burn fat.

By doing these exercises, the little ones will activate their metabolism so that their bodies can focus on fat burning reactions, ensuring they can get rid of any extra fat that accumulate over their bodies.

Let’s get the kids and start this workout! 💪


00:00 Running Man
00:48 Rest
01:11 Standing Crunch
02:00 Rest
02:23 Squat Arm Lifts
03:04 Rest
03:27 Ski Hops
04:16 Rest
04:38 Squat And Kick
05:29 Rest
05:51 Lateral Step Reach
06:42 Rest
07:24 Running Man
08:13 Rest
08:36 Standing Crunch
09:25 Rest
09:47 Squat Arm Lifts
10:29 Rest
10:52 Ski Hops
11:40 Rest
12:03 Squat And Kick
12:53 Rest
13:16 Lateral Step Reach

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