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KeaBabies Silicone Bibs come in a wide array of colors to match the cute design. Parents definitely love matching these bibs with their baby’s outfit!

Reasons to love:
💚 Wide food catcher stays open during mealtime to catch any crumbs or spills for easy cleanup.
💚 Made of BPA-free food-grade silicone, 100% safe for baby
💚 Lightweight with soft edges, your baby won’t bother having them on throughout mealtime
💚 6 adjustable sizes that fit babies 6 to 36 months
💚 Premium quality buttons with reinforced holes to ensure they stay put and won’t tear through multiple usages.
💚 Easy to carry along anywhere you go as they are foldable and compact.

Get them here: https://keababies.com/collections/silicone-bibs

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