Abundance and Peace Music to Attract Health Money and Love Prosperity and Success 432 hz love 2022

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黃財神咒💰招財音樂💰 招財黃財神催財音樂採用頻率震動💰 財富 福德 延壽 智慧 – 平安吉祥 选择性佛教音乐 – 常聽消災免難 – 最受欢迎的佛教歌曲 – 推荐 佛教音乐专辑
黃財神咒💰招財音樂💰 招財黃財神催財音樂採用頻率震動💰 財富 福德 延壽 智慧- 平安吉祥 选择性佛教音乐 – 常聽消災免難 – 最受欢迎的佛教歌曲 – 推荐 佛教音乐专辑


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What could be the reason for attracting good fortune in music.
That’s because it can have potential effects.

– The music is written at a frequency of 285Hz to 963Hz Sorufegio.

9 types of Sorufegio frequencies and their respective effects:

-174hz: the basis of the expansion and evolution of consciousness
-285hz : Expansion and promotion of consciousness in multidimensional space
-396hz : Free from fear and guilt.
-417hz : mind to challenge change, intellect
-528hz: Endless Possibilities DNA Repair Miracle
-639hz: improvement of human relationships
-741hz: problem-solving ability, improvement of expressive power
-852hz: awakening of intuition
-963hz: Connect with higher-order cosmic consciousness

Among these, it is said that there are three frequencies of 432hz · 528hz · 963hz that are important. It exerts various effects such as overall luck up, fortune luck, love luck, business luck, health luck up. It also has a sedative and therapeutic effect on DNA repair.

How to attract good luck:
– Respect people.
– Pray for the family.
– A heart that never gives up.
– Open your heart wide…
– Cherish meeting people.
– When you sleep, remember only good memories. It turns into good luck overnight.

If you always look at life positively and with joy, everything will surely be guarded, including the material well-being you dream of! Understanding prayers, conspiracies… mainly works by the fact that you truly believe in them!
If you really believe in something, you will succeed!

– I wish you my success.

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#Abundance and Peace | Music to Attract Health, Money and Love, Prosperity and Success | 432 hz #love, #loveudad, #mylove, #lovehim, love,vevo,cole,love vevo, 2022

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