Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly says Australia’s COVID-19 situation has “caught up with the rest of the world” in the last few weeks.

“Through the whole pandemic in Australia, we have had over a million (cases) now and, sadly, 2,500 deaths,” he said on Thursday afternoon.

“About half of our cases that have been diagnosed through the entire pandemic here in Australia have been diagnosed since the beginning of the year.

“We are not eliminating this virus – we are not protecting everyone from getting this virus in the coming weeks and months – what we are doing is protecting our hospitals and our intensive care units and that is being achieved.”

Professor Kelly said hospitals in every jurisdiction were in good shape, branding them “green”, while 18 per cent of national intensive care unit capacity was currently being used for people with COVID.

12 thoughts on “Australia has ‘caught up with the rest of the world’ on COVID”
  1. Wonder what happened in Australia for them to have so many cases? Could it be the push of shots into people like everywhere else that has case surges? Stop the shots and stop the damn testing already

  2. We are not protecting any one are you kidding 😂 pretty sure no one thinks this has been a “ good job “ just a lot of pats on the back and finger pointing .

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