Program: BBC News
Channel: BBC World News Europe HD
Source: DVB-S2
Date and Time: 28th November 2021 @ 12GMT (12PM GMT)
Presenter: Ben Brown
Countdown: 43 seconds of the “C2 BBC News Countdown 2021 (WN LOGO)”
Copyright © David Lowe, BBC, BBC Studios, Worldwide, 2021.

This video is purely for records and entertainment purposes. No monetary aims arise from the video. All content rights reserved by original owner the BBC/David Lowe.

If an owner with name in Persian appears in the copyright info named “world music”, it is not real and a scam. All music either picked for use or created by the BBC and or David Lowe.

One thought on “BBC World News 12GMT Headlines + Intro – 281121 [1080p50]”
  1. Getting constant mixed messages from BoJo over COVID and his team, as BoJo will say one thing, change his mind, then tell us to do another – guided by the science.

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