Bidens’ money trail to Russia, China, and Ukraine exposed Business News 2022, #entrepreneur #success #marketing

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Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer weighs in on Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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Bidens’ money trail to Russia, China, and Ukraine exposed Business News 2022, #entrepreneurship #startup #businessman

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1,618 thoughts on “Bidens’ money trail to Russia, China, and Ukraine exposed #Businessnews #business 2022”
  1. Where are the liberals to keep crying about Trump since there is absolutely not one thing you can defend this administration over.

  2. I pray for Ukraine🇺🇦.
    But make no mistake, the *biggest threat* to world peace is the *expansionist China 🇨🇳!,* not Russia.

  3. I can’t believe any country would do business with Communist countries that makes this country no better than them never been more ashamed to be an American these crooked politicians are simply evil.





  5. The entire Biden crime family belongs in prison including Jill. Iden, she benifited from these m treasonous acts too…
    If it were a average American, they would be in prison right now, the Biden crime family “ ISNT ABOVE THE LAW” Period!!!

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