Bitcoin Pump Coming BUT These Crypto WILL GET CRUSHED Cyrpto bitcoin btc News 2022

#Bitcoin Pump Coming BUT These Crypto WILL GET CRUSHED! #cryptocurrency #trading #bitcoinnews 2022

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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 HEAPS To Cover.
01:37 Bitcoin BTC Holding
04:14 Ethereum ETH Settling
06:05 Solana SOL Game On
07:27 Cosmos ATOM Gaining
09:22 Cardano ADA Failing
11:15 Polkadot DOT Crash Potential
11:36 Gala GALA Struggling
12:14 Total Market Cap

#cryptonews #bitcoin #crypto

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#Bitcoin Pump Coming BUT These Crypto WILL GET CRUSHED! Cyrpto News 2022, #dogecoin #eth #ethereum #instagood Guides

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15 thoughts on “<a href="">#Bitcoin</a> Pump Coming BUT These Crypto WILL GET CRUSHED! <a href="">#Cyrpto</a>, <a href="">#bitcoin</a>, <a href="">#btc</a> News 2022”
  1. Seems to me Cardano is becoming the new Doge and Shiba as a home for dumb retail money. Seems no logic to the strength of the following.

  2. Great stuff as always. For a long time you were only showing the 50% fib level, but now it looks like your back with the 0.25 and 0.75. Any particular reason, or you just haven’t unclicked the boxes?

  3. Love the content Michael! Just out of curiousity how many trades do you typically make in a month? Is this your main/only source of income?

  4. Lessons from bitcoin dip for newbies, hodl, don’t day trade, don’t use leverage, size your position, ignore the FUD and be patient.

  5. Love the market update! Would love to see more trading strategies you use in everyday trading similar to your make $100/day with the TIA indicator.

  6. Gala rallies hard after dumps (possibly short covering) otherwise that and enj havent been worth longing

  7. Je n’attends plus le chèque de relance 💰 car je gagne 23 000 $ tous les 12-14 jours récemment💰💯💯☝️

  8. This is not gonna go to it’s going to make it’s pump because of the Elliot wave. And then it’s going to do a massive five wave down

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