More cruises cancelled by Princess. Watch to find out your options if your cruise is affected. I also tell you all about the latest COVID Health Protocols for Cruising with Princess Cruise Lines.

😷 Updated COVID Health Protocols November 2021 https://youtu.be/iBGPFvICvRY
🚢 Princess Cruise Protocols Summary https://youtu.be/VipJr4uSPHo

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COVID Protocols
😷 Latest COVID Protocols Update Princess Cruises https://youtu.be/dPuuvF7be2Q (10/13)
💉 How to Order COVID Antigen Home Test https://youtu.be/UgFMnvmMp4c
😷 What It’s Really Like Cruising with a Mask https://youtu.be/GdnB_fu7XE0
🌞 Los Angeles COVID Travel Requirements https://youtu.be/M-29F69BX_c
☑ How to Travel Checklist COVID Acceptance Vaccine Attestation MedallionClass App Princess Cruises https://youtu.be/LkoWQt9usvA

If you are going to cruise with Princess Cruises using Medallion & MedallionClass App
🎁 Medallion Unboxing Princess Cruises https://youtu.be/qxeyKCz9G9g
🥈 Using the Medallion and MedallionClass App https://youtu.be/U6Bp1I-IR9s
📺 How to use MedallionClass App Portals on Princess Cruise Ships https://youtu.be/HNu7-Hf_3dQ
📃 Scheduling Reservations in the MedallionClass App Princess Cruises https://youtu.be/mmjSquWcTPA

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