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The Wizards Tarot
The Mythic
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The Mythology Deck (Handmade)
Various Handmade Decks
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#CANCER: Who’s Watching You 👀 STALKING, OBSESSED, JEALOUS, FURIOUS. LOVE TAROT #love, #loveudad, #mylove, #lovehim, love,vevo,cole,love vevo, 2022

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33 thoughts on “#CANCER: Who’s Watching You 👀 STALKING, OBSESSED, JEALOUS, FURIOUS. LOVE TAROT #love 2022”
  1. This is some creepy shit….I ‘ve got on line stalkers and in person stalkers this stuff is scaring me😮😳🤨

  2. 🌞🌞 thank-you! Lumi I’m glad you are putting that this out there because I really do have layers of people stalking little ole me. It is true. I’m minding my own business living a single life and these people are literally terrorizing me! I have a lot of people that follow me everywhere literally. They are on foot in autos on cycles it is CRAZY. I’m like damn I’m that special I’ve got to start making money from this drama! Honesty layers they park along the path I walk in cars stalking. THANK-YOU for this message it is TRUE unfortunately! I don’t care about these people and they talk in front of the kids and the kids come past the house glaring and spitting it’s crazy. You know what since people want to watch me that hard I’m going to put on a real show for everybody then since they want to hide in the shadows. Flunk them.

  3. So let me get this straight this karmic who knew me came into my life ruined my family life I had by sleeping with my soon to be wife and then got in a relationship with her but have the nerve to have it out for me when I let them have my ex and now they stalking me and obsessed with me for what I have moved on and doing just fine by myself in my own lane smh some people are so miserable it’s not even funny now if misery could kill that would be some stuff I wish them the best though this karmic is so sick

  4. OMG! There’s a strange car up on the hill by my apartment right now. Probably nothing but it’s just weird cuz I’ve never seen it before. Im not seeing anyone at the moment but I’m just friends with someone its totally blatonic but maybe his partner doesn’t like us to be friends?

  5. Mammie Becca , can we we say a collective prayer for us on one of your posts, very upset, I’m also being gang stalked it’s awful. Xx

  6. Hi Becca, omg, I’m literally in a fish bowl atm! ALL my neighbours have been harassing and gang stalking for over ten years! It goes quiet, but then I start to feel their toxic energy revving up again! It’s totally stupid. The Bobby brown song you sang the other day? It’s my prerogative? Yep, it’s all that! ( you have an amazing voice too mama!) xxx🫶🏻✨

  7. Im starting to freak out about this reading because this is what im experiencing lately! I felt like im being watch in every movement.

  8. Becca. My comment got deleted. I don’t know why. You are my blessing.

    Please be my friend. I left my email in my channel bio just for you 💖 I don’t want a personal reading. I really just want to be your friend

    Your dearest cancerian ♋️

  9. You’re a great soul tribe Becca🕊.
    Thank you 💚 . Divine timing and all will be reveal . Karma is so real and is happening .
    Love from Sweden ~ Eda Spiritual & Wellness 🕊

  10. Good morning love this karmic doesn’t deserve to hang on to him she took what wasn’t hers to take she planned on taking over my life with him but joke on them they lost almost everything that him and I had together well karma always wins game over I’m happy moving forward doing me that’s all I have to do

  11. “woke up early to catch a toad to show to my cat” 😂❤️ oh my gosh, you are the just cutest Becca making friends with all the animals!! 🐸 🐿

  12. I don’t really care ,it would be some creepy ass neighbor from California leave it to California to have all the weirdos

  13. I will try to find a class in something with fashion or music or history, maybe spirituality. Looking for weekend course or a youtube video.

  14. Shit.
    Just today I’ve started feeling slight disturbed by my housemate

    That he’s snooping. He drinks wine every night, smokes like a chimney, is currently fixing my car, life has def not turned out for him the way he probably hoped… I feel like he’s watching and he wears thick goggles.. glasses. F*** this. Great. This is all I need

  15. I’ve been feeling drained omg I know somebody talking like leave me alone I have my own got damn problems

  16. ✌✌✌✌✌☮️☮️☮️☮️🌄🌄🌄🌄🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺✅✅✅✅✅✅💃💃

  17. I have a few stalkers and a fail copycat.I can feel it and noticed some things.I just want to be left alone.I have my own issues to deal with.I’m so happy you gave cross watchers a message.Cause everything I do,I feel they follow and read my comments, it’s really creepy knowing people can be like that.🌜♋💞

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