Not all masks are equal, and fit is especially important for a small child’s face.

With in-person schooling resuming in Ontario Monday, shielding children from COVID infection in the classroom is once again at the forefront of many parents’ minds.

While kids were home, the highly contagious, more vaccine-resistant Omicron variant spread an incredible amount throughout the province and the world. It changed much of what we thought we knew about COVID.

Still, many of the tried-and-true methods of staying safe from the virus still hold up, such as getting vaccinated, social distancing and masking, experts say.

But which masks should children wear now? Where can parents buy them? How should masks be cared for and worn?

The Star reached out to pediatricians for advice. Read more:

19 thoughts on “Can’t get an N95 for kids? How to mask your children for Ontario’s return to school”
  1. Once again Firemen have to remain clean shaven for their masks, far superior to these mask, to work effectively. Also there are classes on how to properly dispose and use PPE without cross contaminating. So just keep believing that little piece of cloth you pull out of your purse is actually doing anything other then social conditioning your child.

  2. you put a double mask on them and if they say they can’t breathe you say who says you have the right to breath go back to school.

  3. I worked as a painter. You honestly think those shotty masks protect you from a virus, when a painters mask doesn’t even protect you from the fumes, just the physical particles. If you can see your breath through a mask on a cold day you are definitely not protected from any virus. Viruses are at least 20 times smaller then the droplets escaping your mask while breathing.

  4. The masks don’t prevent anything except proper breathing. Anyone wearing a mask doesn’t deserve freedom let alone being alive.

  5. Breathing one’s own CO₂ all day is far more damaging to health than that miniscule risk posed by CV to children. This current generation will be scarred for life.

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