Are you ready to watch new car cartoons for kids and play games for kids with cars and trucks for kids? Come and watch a new Helper cars cartoon full episode about Helper cars’ adventures! All the Helper cars are ready to save the day with you! Toy cars and trucks for kids, tow trucks and water trucks, dump trucks and police cars, ambulance and crane trucks, road rollers, bulldozers, and all kinds of street vehicles for kids are ready to leave the garage. Today, we will repair the road and the lift, visit the car wash, and bring balls for the ball pit. Ready, steady, go! Find more Helper cars cartoons for kids and Helper cars full-episode cartoons on our kids’ channel.

00:01 – Helper cars repair the road
06:29 – Big trucks and balls for the ball pit
12:55 – Construction vehicles repair the lift
18:48 – Helper cars and a toy shop
26:20 – Cars build a mountain road
32:22 – Construction vehicles at the car wash

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