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17 thoughts on “Celebrity Crypto Scam? | Real Accountant Reacts”
  1. NFTs are the art of the 21st century. If the Mona Lisa was created today… it would likely be created as an NFT…

    And to think someone could just copy and paste to own an NFT is ridiculous.

    I could release an NFT right now that contains a free pass to “My Wonderland” (example) and only a person with that NFT could enter. I can verify that it came from me originally by checking their blockchain transaction. If its legit, it’ll show my wallet as the originating account. If someone were to copy and paste it… the blockchain would show it originating with them, which lets me know it’s not a real ticket.

    All these influencer coins are trash… but NFTs have a real world purpose and application. It completely kills the counterfeit game for people that don’t want counterfeit items.

  2. As far as your transaction question. Yes you CAN track the transaction if your Bitcoin is stolen. However, in order to steal it in the first place, you’d have to be irresponsible and leave your passphrase out in the open, which is the same as writing your PIN number on your ATM card and leaving it out. You might catch the thief on camera, but how do you get your money back?

    Another way is if someone has access to your account because you left a computer open or they hack the exchange holding the currency. Also because wallet addresses can be anonymous, its hard to track down thieves. Treat your crypto like cash.

  3. Orlando shouldn’t speak on crypto… his ignorance of the subject is kind of embarrassing. The way y’all laugh at these scammers is the way we laugh at Orlando when he talks about crypto. Bitcoin is a store of value… not a currency.

    You can literally go read a white paper on every crypto project and see what the technology is about. Harmony One was a no brainer… bought in under a penny… and right now its sitting at $0.34 and will very likely hit $1.00 or more.

    Some of these are easy wins… but the memecoins are mostly BS and more people lose than win. Coins that set out to change the world are good investments.

    Oh and his pizzas cost him 10,000 Bitcoin… not $10,000… do the math on 10,000 Bitcoin and see how much he really paid for those pizzas.

  4. His pizzas cost him 10,000 Bitcoin… not $10,000… do the math on 10,000 Bitcoin and see how much he really paid for those pizzas.

  5. Couldn’t even finish watching the whole stream. As a 28 year old full time entrepreneur (4 years in), I have to say it’s sad and frustrating to see two black men on here placing a negative stigma on crypto and NFTs simply because you don’t understand it. Knowing that OUR people are already extremely skeptical of any and everything as it is because we aren’t educated enough on these topics. I’ve been in real estate for almost 3.5 years, crypto since 2017, and NFTs since March of last year. I’m not an expert in crypto because there’s always something new to learn, and I’m not an expert in NFTs either because literally nobody is yet (it’s too new). What I do know is that we are entering a new era and while resources have always been limited for our people in the past, crypto has made it to where we finally have a chance to get in on a brand new infrastructure that could potentially even the playing field for us. By laughing and jokingly asking rhetorical questions amongst each other (which neither of you have a clue about), it could very easily discourage anyone who’s watching from actually looking into something that could potentially change their lives. Instead of laughing and making a mockery about something you don’t understand, why not actually bring a legitimate expert in on these topics so that YOU yourself can get educated on this stuff as well as all of your viewers. While I’m glad that you’re helping people avoid the many scams that are out there I do still believe your mission becomes counterproductive when you don’t actually have someone on who can educate the people on the benefits of investing in legitimate blockchain projects. Bitcoin was never intended to actually be used as a currency, but more so a store of value, or a hedge against inflation in many instances. From what I saw on this stream it seems like you two both have closed minds when it comes to things you don’t understand. Even worse when I read the comments and see people taking this stream the exact way I thought that they would. “See I knew it was a scam” or “I’m glad y’all said this because I was always skeptical!”….these type of mindsets will ultimately end up holding us back more than it’ll actually help. I’ve made a lot of money in real estate (wholesaling), and I’ve also made a lot money in crypto as well as NFTs. I’ve also lost money in crypto and NFTs, but my wins have outweighed the losses by a long shot. If you’re truly on a mission to help these people which I do believe you are…I think you should do a few episodes where you actually bring people on who can educate them as well as tell them how to be safe and secure when diving into these things. My main question is if both of you are on here saying that you don’t know what a NFT is, and you’re both asking entry level questions…wouldn’t that make someone wonder why would they take your advice on a topic that you yourself aren’t even educated on?? I hope you actually read this comment and at the very least try to see where I’m coming from here. This is just my personal opinion, and my personal constructive feedback. Peace, and love. God bless

  6. With the stable coins if you swing trade cryptos and sell, you trade profits to stable coins so you won’t lose money when the bear market comes. Then jump right back in to buy again or just sell from the stable coin to fiat so you won’t lose profits.

  7. Good points and I agree with most of what you say (most) about 90% but if we only took advice from “licensed” professional we wouldn’t be as advanced as we are on many levels. Though before making any major move that may effect your future you should have a plan but also consult a pro if you’re not going to hire one. But for a lot of ppl success comes with visuals ppl like to see it and that’s who they’ll follow 🤷🏾‍♂️ smartest nerd in the room gets over talked by the flashy idiot most of the time. Don’t agree with it but a lot of us see this a lot.

  8. There are more stories of the value going down is because of fomo mostly because people are trying to make a quick buck off of crypto. It’s no different than stocks people lose a tremendous amount if you they don’t understand what they are investing in. The brother at the end mentioned the Warren Buffet method well Warren doesn’t invest in things he doesn’t understand. Same deal, a lot of individuals who are in the process of learning stock investing often lose money because they do not know when to buy and when to sell or even have a understanding of the company and or the products the company may sell. They do not have a understanding of why the stock may go up or down or even chart analysis. I don’t see much of a difference here. If I purchased Crypto at 5k and held even if there is a dip from 69k to 49k and I don’t sell a single coin I’m still in the green. Again knowing what you are investing in matters.

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