Celebrity GRANDSTANDING Matthew McConaughey Pushes Gun Control The News Why It Matters 6722 celebrity news 2022 1

#Celebrity GRANDSTANDING! Matthew McConaughey Pushes Gun Control | The News & Why It Matters | 6/7/22 #celebrities #celeb #relationship #famous celebrity news 2022

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The White House brought in Matthew McConaughey to use the victims of Uvalde for political gain and, of course, push for gun control. Kyle Rittenhouse joins the program and details his defamation lawsuit plans. And even two years later, the Biden admin CONTINUES to blame Trump for the abysmal economy.


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#Celebrity GRANDSTANDING! Matthew McConaughey Pushes Gun Control | The News & Why It Matters | 6/7/22 celebrity news 2022, #bollywood #celebritynews #star #actor

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By Michael

120 thoughts on “#Celebrity GRANDSTANDING! Matthew McConaughey Pushes Gun Control | The News & Why It Matters | 6/7/22 #celebrity news 2022”

  2. Damn, I thought McConaughey was actually somewhere close to center, Hate that he is doing that bs. Glad he shows his true colors so people don’t fall for his bs.

  3. My question is how did that young man could afford all those high end weapons . To do the evil act that he done . Who else was involved ?

  4. Always remember actors are paid, career liars! Its literally their job to convince you that they’re people that they’re not!!

  5. Second Amendment is not for self defense. It was for right to an armed militia if the people decided they needed another Revolution. They wanted to be sure an insurrection like January 6th as a right and not be considered treason punishable by death. They wanted the government to fear the people and not the other way around.

  6. They want the police state and government armed and you to be vulnerable . End of discussion

  7. I originally thought the same thing about body armor: why outlaw it if it protects, not harms? However it’s purchase does seem odd unless it was needed for combat or an active shooting scenario. PLEASE don’t come back with insults and threats. I am no expert in this area and genuinely interested in responses that can shed light on why one would buy body armor. In fact I expect to be enlightened and reform my opinion.

  8. Matthew McConaughey was very impassioned and entertaining. Much more credible than ole Joe.

  9. Kevin McCaughey – How to Lose votes in a few Hours. A new Kevin McCaughey drama. “You’re soooo vain, I bet you thought this press conference was about you “

  10. There is no gun violence only bad people. And if this doesn’t work then they will confiscate the weapons just like Hitler, stalin and china. Revolutionary war is on the horizon. God help us.

  11. politicians only want themselves to legitimize the govt using their guns for control of people.

  12. McConaughey is just as bad as Johnny Depp! Wack job! Wonder if he dated Amber heard and went brain dead too!

  13. F McConaughey. I have 0 respect for him. He can act. Big deal. I can fix just about anything broken. My wife can save lives. He can pretend to be someone else. Who the f cares? I never understood the idolization od “actors”. Wtf are the Kardashians famous for? It’s a joke!

  14. I used to like Matthew McConaughey and his movies, now I just think Matty was a useful idiot.

  15. McConaughey is not self aware enough to realize he is a perfect example of why marijuana should not be decriminalized.

  16. A citizen was the one to toke care of the situation. With a shootgun from another citizen.

  17. Where was Matthew while the looting, burning and killing was going on? Yet he lets himself be used by the very same people who supported those who, looted, burned and killed.

  18. Well, he’s not doing a shitty Lincoln commercial but he’s making me want to go buy a AR-15

  19. Cops don’t need guns if nobody else has them and a gun free zone is a criminals perfect target and they know it and kids don’t spend their days thinking that schools are the most perfect place to go shoot a bunch of people i still believe something/someone else is at the top of so many school shootings

  20. I’m a vet and Jaco’s suggestion is something I would sign right up for. I would fight and die to protect our children.

  21. Damn these sycophant media celebrities, why is no, one addressing how cartels are bringing in illegal guns into Texas, Uvalde, cartels run through that town with impunity, it’s pathetic.

  22. Not only does the media twist it…the government, ESPECIALLY in democrat states, twist everything into emotion over constitutional law.
    The left is your enemy.

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