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18 thoughts on “Celebrity Obsession & Hollywood Programming”
  1. Agree 100% on the last point, always wondered why people put themselves through the lifelong enslavement to taking care of people who wouldn’t last a day in the wild.

  2. Yes. Celebrities are just disposable commodities bought and owned by the media corporations. Most of them can be dropped at a seconds notice if they don’t adhere to there narrative. The Z list don’t have any actual talent. So they do anything to try stay relevant. Cheesey game shows Etc.

  3. Another great vid.
    Hollywood’s just the system’s ministry of propaganda paying good looking puppets to guide you ( hence stardom) into their bullshit agenda! Thanks.

  4. This is PURE GOLD! Every Point illustrated and brought home into focus in every way it needed to be!!! The points illustrated about the Matrix Movie were right on the mark! Also, EXCELLENT intro with the Sun Movement, which for anyone who can see for themselves, would know the truth about the fact that the Earth does not spin after even witnessing those first few seconds. I included this video on a short commentary on our website.

  5. I do like this live your own life mentality but I also like to appreciate things that people have created. It’s kind of hard to balance them.

  6. I actually deleted my old YouTube channel because I was I got some annoying commenters and was tired of reading their stupid bullshit and assumptions about me under my videos.
    I regret deleting my channel.

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