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China’s property collapse continued its free-fall this week, as liquidity concerns prompted a selloff of real estate bonds amid a worsening Chinese economy. Concerns over the ability of local governments to pay the interest on Local Government Financial Vehicles (LGFVs) mounted, with many calling for immediate stimulus from China’s government.

With the Evergrande default continuing to threaten China’s real estate market, the fallout is spreading to the healthy real estate developers. Shimao, once considered investment grade, suffered major losses, along with accusations of corporate governance issues, when it moved money between divisions. LGFV concerns also mounted, as a lack of real estate sales may hamper Chinese local governments’ ability to make their payments.

All of this is have a negative effect on China’s economy, with many analysts calling for fiscal and monetary stimulus.


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China’s Property Collapse Worsens – Real Estate Developers Slump, Economy Slows, Evergrande Falls İnternational news ukraine war, ukraine, russia ukraine tensions, ukraine crisis, 2022

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  1. CSI300 is actually becoming bullish. You should wait a month, so the price really adjusts to the downfall of China’s pricing. Still, keep an eye on CSI300, it might reverse while this becomes worse.

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for the content. What’s the correlation between the housing market in China and the one in Canada? Will there be a ripple effect on the real estate market in Canada?

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