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Energy Dome, an Italian startup, launched the world’s first carbon dioxide battery that needs only steel and water.

The technology involves storing carbon dioxide in a massive steel dome, compressed to convert it into liquid form. The heat generated from the process is then stored. When power needs to be supplied, the stored heat will warm up the liquid carbon dioxide, turning it into gas, and pushed through a turbine to generate electricity.

The battery will help curb carbon emissions in energy generation while keeping Earth’s temperature in control by trapping carbon dioxide. This battery is also great because it does not require rare earth elements like lithium, using only steel and water. Finally, it can be implemented anywhere at a lesser cost than a lithium-ion battery storage facility.

Will carbon dioxide batteries become a trend soon? Share with us your thoughts.



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#CO2 Battery | Future Technology & Science News 171 #sciencenews #animalscience #weirdscience, Science News 2022

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