#Cost of living: Chancellor ‘confident’ in resilience of UK economy #economy #economics #world, Economy News 2022

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Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi insists he is doing everything he can for families ahead of the winter, saying he is determined “to get inflation under control and grow the economy”.

It follows the latest figures showing the UK’s economy has shrunk by 0.1% between April and June.

#SkyNews #CostOfLiving

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#Cost of living: Chancellor ‘confident’ in resilience of UK economy #wealth #future #politics #usa #realestate, Economy News 2022

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64 thoughts on “#Cost of living: Chancellor ‘confident’ in resilience of UK economy Economy News 2022, #economynews #russiaukraine #economy”
  1. Thanks to London School of Economics, and their doctrine of Economic Mutually Assured Destruction. Bidonomics get to destroy everybody’s economy. It would all have been impossible without meddling self important communists, good job.

  2. These lot are dangerous they told US we will avoid a recession, and here we are today dont believe a word they say

  3. For a second I thought he might have something useful or insightful to say, but this plonker has no clue does he?

  4. It’s a pattern we are seeing they say it’s all going to be great and few months time it’s Hell, don’t believe these people welcome to the Banana republic UK 2023

  5. This rising cost of living is no different when the lord’s use to tax peasents for working land in Tudor/medieval times still hasn’t changed since then.

  6. Market pressure? There is no market pressure to bring down prices. RUSSIA. We receive miniscule amounts of energy from Russia. There is an easy option for government. Raise minimum wage to £11 an hour NOW. It would put £1200 straight into the low paid pocket. Also will bring down profits driving this inflation whilst not costing the exchequer a penny

  7. 😁 We will give the people that & that, when for who & why & for how long . Looks more £££ ” So the rich energy companies can even have more profits party celebration. Lol

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