British Columbia is bracing for COVID-19 hospitalizations to continue to climb upwards but provincial data shows the peak of new admissions should come next week.

B.C. provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry presented the latest COVID-19 data on Friday showing there are about 45 to 50 new COVID-19 admissions per day in hospitals across the province. The province is expected to continue to see record hospitalizations until at least the middle of next week.

“What we are seeing is there is a lag time between peak infections and peak admissions into hospital,” Henry said.

“We expect the peak will be some time next week. Our modelling shows between Jan. 15 and 22 we expect the peak of admission in hospital.”

The peak in hospitalizations is coupled with a dramatic rise in illness among health-care workers. Earlier this week the province presented data showing health-care workers missed more than 27,000 shifts across the province due to illness over a one-week period.

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12 thoughts on “COVID-19: BC hospitalization rates still soaring, risk growing for unvaccinated | FULL”
  1. How do we know the people that are vaccinated are not spreading this virus, all I hear on the news for the past two weeks now is how the unvaccinated people are making hospitals full and people sick, real manipulating governments

  2. From the UK cumulative case graph, assuming that all cases were Omicron from mid December, it would mean around 4 million formal cases of omicron. Let’s say the actual number is 4x that due to not everyone bothering or being able to get tested. That would be 16 million people with omicron out of 67 million. We need a bare minimum of 70% of the population to get it for there to be herd immunity and eliminate covid for good. UK population is 67 million. That means we need at least 31 million more people to get it. And we need those people to get it before another immune escape variant pops up and starts the cycle all over again. Considering that it took 2 years for there to be omicorn, which is the first true immune escape variant that could compete with existing variants on a global level, if it takes another 2 years then for sure we will reach herd immunity. But we don’t know if it will take 2 years again. What if in 6 months it pops up. 31 million people… that will take a while to reach, at least 6 months, now that the peak is gone and less and less people have opportunities to find infected people who didn’t get omircon yet and who they will interact with. That is why I don’t think it makes sense to boost everyone, the elderly and vulnerable sure, but everyone? 2 doses provides a long lasting robust T cell response for most people and protects against severe illness anyways. Those being boosted will get infected anyways (there is no way people will get boosted literally every 3 months to upgrade antibodies), it will just prolong the time and jeopardize the chances of reaching herd immunity. We need an end plan. If you look at case graphs of countries like Bazil, Iran, India, they more or less reached herd immunity and practically eliminated covid, before omicron popped up..

  3. 63% of deaths in past month are unvaccinated people. Risk of hospitalization 12X higher in unvaccinated and risk of acute care is 27X higher in unvaccinated. You don’t have to be a math genius to understand

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