Crypto Investors Do This NOW BEFORE Bitcoin BREAKOUT Cyrpto bitcoin btc News 2022

#Crypto Investors: Do This NOW BEFORE Bitcoin BREAKOUT!! #cryptocurrency #trading #bitcoinnews 2022

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#Crypto Investors: Do This NOW BEFORE Bitcoin BREAKOUT!! Cyrpto News 2022, #dogecoin #eth #ethereum #instagood Guides

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32 thoughts on “#Crypto Investors: Do This NOW BEFORE Bitcoin BREAKOUT!! #Cyrpto, #bitcoin, #btc News 2022”
  1. You always said you’d never be a click baiter in your early vids .. been following since 20k. Yet here we are hah!

  2. You dated yourself in this video and wow it turns out you’re an old man.

  3. Question: did any of your charts, practices and TA’s tell you that Bitcoin’s price will be 50% less than a year ago?…. Aaaaaaaaand time

  4. Thank you Jason!!!! That was perfectly timed. That was the information I needed. I’ve been invested for 2 years and alot of this video was really eye-opening!!

  5. Nice content You have here on this channel, I’ve been following your videos,but still I don’t have a knowledge on how to trade on Stocks & Cryptocurrency

  6. Ive been trying some small leverage trades and I just keep getting rekt. I is like the exchange knows where all the stops arenand just goes searching to liquidate peope.
    my chart reading is ok, but the random spikes just keep pushing way outside of margins.
    Those random pumps that stop you out by a few cents just before the dump and your short fails.
    so frustrating.

  7. These past few days watching my crypto portfolio decline is very disheartening. Holding doesn’t really profit much. Any idea on how to earn better on the short run?

  8. I agree with alot of what’s been said just recently in the comments, good to see people acknowledging the great content and wisdom Jason is trying to impart on us, alot of what Jason says is sound advice, improving one’s life in multiple ways. Thank you Jason.

  9. I’ve been buying the dip since Bitcoin was $300. I don’t think it matters. I just buy whenever Bitcoin dips and things have worked out for me

  10. Bois and girls there’s gonna be a meeting of the federal reserve bank of the USA, if they hike the interest rates to tackle inflation which inturn may cause the market to crash, so bitcoin may dip even further around july-september (4th of July to remember easily) and the breakout to the uptrend may come around November-ish.
    FDB meeting: June 14-15.

  11. Thanks Jason, highly relevant, relatable and useful information…
    Michael and yourself have put out excellent content today…
    Different topics and both beautifully presented as usual…
    However it’s become obvious over time, Michael is a little better at free hand drawing😁

  12. Nancy Pelosi has been buying up stocks and crypto. we know she has great history with insider trading lol

  13. Do you want more videos like this? Or more market updates?

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