George arrives at the farm just in time to see Dumpling the duck’s eggs hatch.

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Clip taken from Episode 5, Season 1 – “A Monkey’s Duckling”: It is George’s first day of spring on the Renkins’ farm and he and Bill arrive on the farm just in time to see Dumpling, the Renkins’ duck sitting on her eggs to hatch them. But when she leaves and George sits on the eggs in her place, one of the eggs hatches and the duckling thinks George is its mother. George needs to try to get the duckling to see its real mother.

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George is a good little monkey…and always very curious! For over 80 years, the adventures of George and his friend The Man With the Yellow Hat have been delighting children with their playfulness and fun. The TV show reveals how curiosity is a building block of learning, as it introduces simple science, technology, engineering and math concepts to the youngest viewers.

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