DHS issues warning that copycat Uvalde attacks could be inspired by online forums breakingnews newsbreaking 2022

#DHS issues warning that copycat Uvalde attacks could be inspired by online forums Breaking news 2022, #breakingnews #newsbreaking

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The Department of Homeland Security issued a terror threat bulletin warning that the recent massacre at a school in Uvalde, Texas, could inspire young users in online forums to attempt copycat attacks. Analysts note that six of the nine deadliest mass shootings in the U.S. were carried out by men under the age of 21. CBS News reporter Nicole Sganga has more.

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#DHS issues warning that copycat Uvalde attacks could be inspired by online forums Breaking news 2022, #russiaukrainewar #breaking #battle

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87 thoughts on “#DHS issues warning that copycat Uvalde attacks could be inspired by online forums #breakingnews #newsbreaking 2022”
  1. U know what’s really stupid most of time these fffing copycats wouldn’t think about it until some fffing expert r the news media starts broadcasting it could happen again people know this but they don’t have to broadcast it to give these fffks an ideal of doing it really

  2. In the US… of course there will be copycat shootings…. BECAUSE it’s the US and there are loads of idiots in the US that follow it.

  3. Translation: We are already grooming and training multiple new shooters. *The Buffalo shooter WAS communicating with an “”ex”” federal agent (there’s no such thing as an ex fed)*

  4. If his black or brown or yellow and his in a gang or crew of criminals, he sales big weight of narcotics or “hangs out” with this mini mafia like clicks his going to shoot someone soon or later or possibly innocent people because they was in the way or going to testify against somebody.

  5. The best path is to be cautious but never let these stories burglarize your well being, yes there are a lot of bad people out there but the more we divide the worse it’s going to be. As Brothers & Sister of the most high, we need to stand together against the wicked. Unity of the righteous is the key to defeating these evils.

  6. All this done for more gun control I would believe that especially those pushing gun control are not effected by lives lost. Just look at NY after buffalo she added 10 more laws to the 5000 we already have and it’s useless as she is. Do u really think criminals will be stoped cuz there’s more gun control or will they do more because more people are restricted from stopping them? Only way to stop them is more people able to stop the crime

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