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music by Jake Chudnow

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  1. I have been watching your content for a long long time, and I’m always fascinated with the things you present! Thank you so much for being a huge part of my curiosity growing up and constantly challenging me to see the world in new and interesting ways!!

  2. Anyone have wild dreams that seem like
    Movies sometimes ? I need to write down my next one 😂

  3. The exemple is right there, Michael. You say you are 36 an I thought you were at the very least 45. I’m 34 and we look nothing alike, mostly I am not balding and I have a longer beard than you do, but we’re about the same height (ie pretty short). I also wear glasses yet mine are slightly larger with a wider frame, and I have tattoos and piercings where you obviously don’t. Even though I’ve been smoking for about 20 years, never use sunscreen, I get told all the time that I look “younger than I am” which is absolutely false, if you look in the right places. My right leg is right messed up and is about 1/2 inch shorter than the other, I have scars older than some people I know…I don’t know. When I look at myself in the mirror I don’t see a 34 year old man, I don’t see my dad when he was 34 (which I remember, and he looked much older than I do now) and I think it’s all very subjective

  4. I’ve never seen anyone mention how men back then lived more masculine lives, and as a result became and looked more masculine, and the women lived more feminine lives, and as a result became and looked more feminine, more mature, older

  5. Definitely a bit cherry picked…
    Christ, I’m 43 and get told I look 33… Amazing considering my smoking and drinking and drugging. Especially when _some_ of my straight edge friends look bald and grey… Handsome and gorgeous, but bald and/or grey…
    I kept my long hair all my life too… Maybe a few white hairs but still blonde! 😊

  6. i remember being in 2nd or 3rd grade thinking 5th graders looked like mini adults…. then i became one and wondered what happened. thanks michael for the video <3

  7. It is true that in the past “looking mature” was desirable. Styling oneself as an adult signified being responsible and worth listening to.

  8. The thought about movies being close to dreams also kind of touches upon the dispositif of cinema: you sit unmoving, silent, in a dark room, the only sensory input comes from the screen, the rest of the world is shut out

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