Don’t Buy Axies Now!!! – Axie Infinity Economy

Be Careful and DON’T Buy Axies now! The economics of Axie Infinity are in a very fragile state and you must be very careful right now. Please don’t make any brash decisions!

Please keep in mind this isn’t financial advice and always DYOR.

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17 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Axies Now!!! – Axie Infinity Economy”
  1. you just bought your anemones when its all time high man. now people will do the same if the update become successful. so dyor and know your risk tolerance when it comes to investing.

  2. That why I personaly not agree with nerf system. That make many players lose their money & ,make a breeder stop to breeding axies

  3. < I see the Market Is Bad Right now. Everybody is Practically Crying. It keeps dipping. That's what you get when you feel you can navigate the process on your own. Big thanks to Alice Marcella I'm not bothered with how bad the Market is because my assests are insured due to his advice and trading signals. I was able to increase my 35btc to 67btc within 2 weeks, is it not amazing ?

  4. Pure 100% axies wouldn’t be nerfed so bad, so it’s safe, also i’m thinking that aquas gonna be back to their old damages 😀

  5. I bought at the end of season 18 meta team yam tank, shrimpinator and dusk….. Was doing pretty well offseason was at 2200mmr ….. Season 19 started with nerf to 2 off my axies meta team usseles…. Struggling at 1200….sold the team half the price…… Bought 2 other team to try and lost a bit of money too…. Then I bought meta team ppb quite expensive to climb at season 19 I made it to 2100mmr…..season ends and I say ok offseason I was at 2200 will be ok…. AND BOOM ALL AGAIN TO 1200 CAUSE THAT’S HOW WE LIKE IT IN AXIE! ! Started playing and so stress to climb up for what??? 0.0000001 slp? And the devs? Nothing to tell and zero transperascy? ! I sold that team 300$ and paid for it at season 19 for 800$ !!!!! I’m out! ! Nothing to earn! ! It’s pay to play! There are other games I can pay to play lot more fun and better! ! Devs knew slp was going to die and they did shit! ! Dancing with axie sisters! Everybody waiting to sell a bit decent to get out! I am out since yesterday and I am stress free! ! Not nervous not anxious nothing!!!!! Playing pegaxy and I did roi in less than 10 days! In axie I played so many hours and lost money! !

  6. If Jihoz will continue to Nerf the axies I will stop investing on Axie because I will loose again. Nerfted Again? Soon filipinos will realize these Scheme their doing. We will feel that our ROI are never gonna be feasible ever so It will be the end of axie for me. I will just Invest my money to altcoins.

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