China is Germany’s biggest trading partner. Almost 1 in 3 shipping containers in the German city of Hamburg is either heading to China, or coming in from a Chinese port. In Hamburg the ties are so strong that a shipping line owned by China’s government even bought a stake in this terminal.
This is a story of how Germany pumped up its economy on business with China and how it got closer than any other western power to the leaders in Beijing. Only to wonder if all of this is a good idea. Under president Xi Jinping, China has become a darker dictatorship, one that’s challenging the power and values of the West. China is not only developing, but also bit by bit exporting an authoritarian regime that is antagonistic against our belief in democracy and human rights. The US is lining up the West to take a stand for democracy in a battle of the systems that will define this century. Many want Germany to join. There’s going to be pressure from within the German population, from Germany’s major allies outside of Europe, pushing Germany towards a harder line.
But is Germany really prepared to risk all this in a showdown with China? Germany’s new government faces a choice – a dilemma. Should it keep following the money? Or does it need to think again? In this video we’re going to find out how Germany got so entangled with China, how the last few years have shown what it is they’re really dealing with. And we’ll examine whether the new team running Germany really wants to make a new start.

00:00 Intro
02:30 Part 1: The Love-In
10:55 Part 2: Reality Bites
20:40 Part 3: Decisions
27:40 Conclusion

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3 thoughts on “Economic entanglement and systemic rivalry: Germany and China at a crossroads | DW Analysis”
  1. Lithuania is one example of how US is using its lapdog against European interest.
    Lithuania don’t trade much with china
    Chinese investment there is among the lowest in the region.
    Then the US came to offer them $600millions to start some 💩 with china.
    They took the deal and build a de facto Taiwanese embassy there, here’s the thing, they can pick Taiwan over Beijing but they choose to play victim when the option is clear no ambiguity there, you either pick Taipei or Beijing but never both.
    And china will act accordingly

  2. Your values mean the maintaining of a world order whereby only European nations get to enjoy their dominance over others. All this talk of pretending to care about human rights is just a diversion from the truth of maintaining that order whereby developing nations are kept poor. If you guys really had any values that cared about human rights then you would do something about all those that died in the middle east in thelast 20 years. Of course there is no outrage as the nations doing it are from the western world. We get it, only a certain skin tone gets a free pass to abuse human rights.

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