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Writing by Sam Denby
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

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By isa

20 thoughts on “Electric Vehicles’ Battery Problem”
  1. I think it is very important to mention, how insanely polluting building road infrastructure is. You should make a video about that actually, that would be interesting to have some good context about infrastructure co2 issues.

  2. Here me out here. We move away from car dependence with things like trains. Less need for these rare metals.

  3. Trains, busses, and bicycles. Why are US people so brainwashed to cars? In Europe it is seen as a sign of a poor city if it doesn’t have good public transport.

  4. Another good way to cut the growing demand for lithium is to look into alternative fuel engines like hydrogen, or potentially volcanol, since hydrogen fuel cell and injection engines can reduce battery size while increasing the range. However, they both require platinum and some other rare metals, in their spark plugs, the fuel cell itself, or in the catalytic converters, but we already have an existing baseline of production for all of this, no need to open a new palladium mine, just make sure the ones in South Africa aren’t being run carelessly.

  5. Sorry, but I don’t beleive Hello Fresh is environmentally friendly. How much more energy does it take to create individual packages for every ingredient no matter how small? Then put those ingredients into individual boxes, probably thousands of times more packaging to ship the same amounts of food. Then the extra gas used by the UPS man, that’s multiple extra trips that could just be 1 trip to the grocery store a week that customers will still make regardless of whether they buy hello fresh or not. Their are tons of extra employees, facilities, infrastructure, ect for the slight convenience of ingredients already measured for you.

    Using biodegradable packaging does not negate all of that. Especially since a lot of bio degradable packaging takes more energy to produce than it’s environmentally devastating counterpart. The amount if onions that would fit into a box for shipment to a grocery store in one trip, would probably use 1000 individual baggies when they add the equivalent to meal kits, and 1000 individual deliveries to homes in diesel trucks.

  6. This war on carbon is absurd. All life is made of carbon and plants need CO2 to breathe. It is a war on humanity and all life on Earth. It is only supported by the masses due to mass formation pyschosis. CO2 is NOT a danger to the planet. The increase in global temperatures is primarily due to changes in the surface of the sun.

  7. I think that the majority of videos on this subject ignore the main problem, which is not carbon, lithium, cobalt etc. The problem is our dependence on vehicles. Lithium is not the solution, public transport and better designed cities are. Good examples are Amsterdam and Barcelona.

  8. Way more interested in how far away the nearest hospital is compared to the nearest Starbucks but, okay, work your target audience.

  9. What about battery replacement? When a tesla needs a new battery, how is the old battery discarded? What if there is a shortage of some type (think the shortage of computers for cars today) and old EVs cannot get enough new batteries? What is the solution?

  10. The proportion of emissions from the use of a vehicle, rather than its manufacture is entirely dependant on how much it’s used.
    As in I’m sure it’s perfectly true that for the “average person” an EV would work out cleaner, but for the one who cycles 95% of the time and the car is only there for going to the hardware store, the petrol car would be “greener” in terms of total lifecycle cost.

    Actually, I think plug-in hybrids with a 30-mile battery range and a little petrol engine would be the greenest solution for the masses, since it reduces the size of the battery, and that small battery would be sufficient for 90% of the time, and the engine is just there as a range-extender for the rare occasion when you need it.

    But better than that, just encourage more people out of their cars altogether and onto either bicycle or electrified public transport. But those systems need to be made much more integrated and convenient to use, so the private car doesn’t appeal to people’s laziness quite so much.

  11. Excellent video. The obsession with switching to electric vehicles is foolish. There isnt even enough of the metals needed to make all the vehicles these rich countries want to make. The only solution is to reduce how many cars are made and sold by restructuring transportation infrastructure and designing cities around walkability and public transport :/

  12. lol I know you need ads but Hello Fresh is one of those horrendous environmental problems. I know you’re reading copy but it just doesn’t sound believable. There’s no fucking way subscription shipped food is more green than shopping yourself.

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