We discuss the China Evergrande Housing Crisis and Hong Kong real estate market, the Chinese economy, Ant Financial and Tencent, water, the situation in Shanghai, and more #chinaupdate

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China Update provides you guys with the most up to date political, economic, and geostrategic analysis on China – so that you are on top of the world’s number 2 economy. I was originally a lawyer who later studied Chinese foreign policy in Beijing. My videos are based on hundreds of articles, think tank reports, government statements and other resources in English and Chinese every week. The views and analysis are all my own and I make the videos.

00:00 Introduction
00:12 Shanghai
03:07 Water Plan
04:14 Hong Kong Property
05:22 China Economic and Financial Developments
06:42 China Evergrande Housing Crisis

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19 thoughts on “Evergrande Housing Crisis | Hong Kong Real Estate | Shanghai | Chinese Economy & more China News”
  1. The crushing RE bubble burst China is now entering will make the 2008 banking collapse brought on by over leveraged RE in the west, look like child’s play. Which China will not recover from anytime soon. China is currently printing RMB at an unprecedented velocity which will exacerbate the problem longer term. By causing inflation. There will be no Commodity SuperCycle brought on by an uptick in demand from China.(Goldman Sachs prediction) china is headed into a period of low growth and rising prices!! stagflation!! Everyone needs to watch their stocks and start trimming back and raising cash. Anything international sell it and hold cash asap!

  2. Regarding Omicron: The China vaccine is weak. The Zero-Covid policy is economically very expensive. How will this play out? Are they hoping Omicron will fade away? Are they working on rolling out a stronger vaccine? Would they be willing to buy vaccines from the West?

  3. 5 reported cases? Knowing the Chinese party as we do what multiple would you put in that to get the real number?

  4. I follow a few vloggers. To make your channel better I would suggest a video of yourself talking instead of the stock footage. Also, opening a few tabs on browser with relevant charts and headlines can break things up nicely. Lastly, one vlogger types out his notes and has a second camera on them that he jumps back and forth on. It takes a bit more work to jump around between yourself, your browser, and a second camera on some typed out notes, but it would make a dramatic improvement in your quality. And once you’ve got the hardware setup, then it wouldn’t involve any additional time since you type the outline in the video already and that could simply be moved elsewhere.

    Just saying. Keep up the great work!

  5. China’s housing market has been shot by their own greed, yet real estate chinese “zillow” KE Holdings (which was accused of fraud by Muddy Waters Research) is somehow operating just fine…
    The scale of outright lies propping up the CCP and the chinese economy and the number of scandals continuing to pour out of china over a decade of corporate scandals should have investors avoiding it like the plague.

  6. It is the centre of shanghai, very high density of population with residents and white collars and commercial centre.

  7. Hi Tony, I agree that showing the maps ( and other visuals )with the cities being discussed is helpful with names in pinyin and Chinese too. The spread of the virus throughout China ( and the WORLD ) is a big challenge for the CCP with Chinese New Years and the Olympics coming up shortly. Do you have any information on how the virus is treated in China since they have SUPER LOW death rates ? Thanks 🙂

  8. 5 cases of covid in Shanghai, communists just can’t tell the truth whether it’s in China or the democrat party in the USA.

  9. Evergrande issue is much deeper than just real estate problem. The whole economy is built upon a facade looking good, yet the foundation is shallow.

  10. Look at these comments,Tony. Looks like your views on china and the way you make your videos are being viewed by some very normal people who just want to hear about the current state of affairs in China without the negative aspect of reporting!
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Map was a great add. Also the correct pronunciation of Chinese names and cities so that I can improve really is appreciated.

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