Georgia governor The truth is coming out Businessnews business 2022

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Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp reacts to Stacey Abrams saying Georgia is the worst state to live in and reflects on criticism of Georgia election laws on ‘Kudlow.’ #foxbusiness #Kudlow

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#Georgia governor: The truth is coming out Business News 2022, #entrepreneurship #startup #businessman

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93 thoughts on “#Georgia governor: The truth is coming out #Businessnews #business 2022”
  1. Kemp is a fking traitor he hid the real results of the 2020 election we all know that 💩 was stolen

  2. Quite frankly if this governor was really wanting the truth don’t you think he would actually authorize to see all these ballots and have them put up against the voter registration of Georgia I sure the hell would think that but of course that would rely on common Sense

  3. When my boyfriend thought he was pregnant and was sitting on the toilet he yelled that “the baby is coming out!”, but it was only another stillborn turd.

  4. Kemp and Abrams are the same corrupt Anti America POS, FOX news better stop giving Rinos and Commies a platform what rino Kemp did to the Legit POTUS DJT45 is despicable and treasonous.

  5. As an American I have three goals. Crush the democrats. Crush the the socialists. Crush the communists. Oh wait, they are all the same thing. Make that one goal.

  6. I don’t know how anyone can take Stacey Abrams seriously. Saying that her state is the worst, but I want to be governor. What a joke

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