Highland Park mass shooting Brittney Griners letter to Biden and more CBS News Mornings breakingnews newsbreaking 2022

#Highland Park mass shooting, Brittney Griner’s letter to Biden and more | CBS News Mornings Breaking news 2022, #breakingnews #newsbreaking

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#Highland Park mass shooting, Brittney Griner’s letter to Biden and more | CBS News Mornings Breaking news 2022, #russiaukrainewar #breaking #battle

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18 thoughts on “#Highland Park mass shooting, Brittney Griner’s letter to Biden and more | CBS News Mornings <a href="https://breaking-news.fisildas.com/tag/breakingnews/">#breakingnews</a> <a href="https://breaking-news.fisildas.com/tag/newsbreaking/">#newsbreaking</a> 2022”
  1. When it’s proven that that punk shot up the parade he should be put in front of a firing squad!!🤬🤬🤬

  2. I was surprised to see some people complaining about the shooting in Denmark – the second in seven years.

    The U.S. is averaging TWO A DAY!

  3. Boston Police Commisioner Ed Davis, is he in charge of Chicago?Always get a liberal to comment.

  4. After losing so much to stock market, One best investment decision I ever made afterwards was investing in financial markets. Which has earned me $34,970 profit every 14days lately. Trust me guys it pays a lot.

  5. We need better gun laws👍.
    We are going backwards and living in the old west days. Sad that we haven’t learned from our past and gotten better but we have gotten worse.😭😓

  6. They put all the money into high end graphics for weather but cant even rotate the commericals so its not the same 5 over and over Congrats CBS

  7. Repeal the Second Ammendment. The Cold Civil War is heating up & we don’t need to have another ‘hot’ one. ❄️🌎❄️

  8. very often near the police there was a crime, they shut their mouths, even inside Chicago downtown, Russian speakers did a robbery from Central Asia, many times but they put it like that they don’t see. African Americans from these crimes when they spoke they laughed and did not pay attention. because Inside what a lot of policemen these people should be, What exactly were born from America, not the one from emigrants. This is reality. Everyone has their own mentality, Russian speakers should not work as a police officer if they were not born in America, this is a fact.

  9. in short, this is a crime unambiguously, not a new political system that they let inside from the former Soviet Union, that they overlap the Poles, Ukrainian Cossacks, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks do not work for internal affairs and spy organizations in Russia! and Azerbaijan the same they can not take public work and police

  10. Who flew on the Lolita Express to Epstein’s Island ??

    Who purchased the child trafficking victims from Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein??

    Where are the investigative journalists?

    Where is the FBI?

    Where are the arrests of the wealthy pedophiles that bought the children ??

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