This is Hmong news and other world news in the Hmong language. We broadcast news about the Hmong people and other Hmong related topics such as Hmong culture, Hmong clothes, and Hmong events.

Our news is translated from English to Hmong. We have Hmong news from Fresno, Hmong news from Minneapolis, Hmong news from St. Paul, and Hmong news from many other cities. We also report national news in the United States and world news in the Hmong Language.

Ntawm no yog xov xwm tshiab tawm txhua hnub. Peb hais txog xov xwm Hmoob thiab xov xwm ntiaj teb. Peb coj xov xwm kub txhov thoob ntiaj teb los hais lus Hmoob piav rau nej sawv daws.

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