Everything is off right now. People just don’t get that I need to have a plan with everything in their life. This includes everything from your personal life to your business. The better the plan, the more likelihood you will have for success in everything. #PPI #Inflation #InterestRates #IAllegedly #JobNumbers #ElonMusk #SupplyChain #Walmart #BeyondMeat #InAndOutHamburger

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20 thoughts on “Hope is Not a Strategy – Prepare for the Economic Collapse”
  1. Foot traffic is down at the grocery. People are spending less since stimulus stopped. Food manufacturers will adjust to that. No need for 50 flavors of yogurt, 100 flavors of soup etc. Just my opinion.

  2. No offense but those links look like an old man”s “package” and there is no way in hell that I would want to pull off that skin…wink wink! Disgusting. lol The meat is looking so bad that I’m leaning towards veganism and planting my second garden.

  3. Know what’s perversely funny in the midst of all these shortages? The largest grocery operator in the northeast is bringing in private contractor inventory teams to physically count the six boxes of pasta left on the shelves in the past aisle.

    Dan, what you showed in Wal-Mart is finally here in the northeast at full-size, full-service grocers and at Wal-Mart. Doesn’t necessarily affect me as much because I’ve been game-planning this for over a decade. I can still cherry-pick pretty much what i want, when I want, because I know what I’m looking for.

    The disturbing part is how many sheeple we have up here who literally can’t see what is right in front of their face. It does not register to them that what they are seeing (or not seeing) is a problem and is not normal. They’ll be the ones who show up at the store, push a heaping basket of groceries (whatever that’s going to mean) into the parking lot, then get ambushed by the two-legged wild animals. Only thing we’re not seeing yet are the ambushes.

  4. Since the Albertson CEO ‘Vivek Sankaran’ was so quick to create a boogeyman with which to blame the stocking shortage, how about
    we look into ‘Vivek’s’ voter registration and immigration cards? The blame game is a two way street. See how this cat votes and that should
    tell you all that’s needed on how genuine his motives are in ascribing fault.

  5. Those empty shelves is what the UK looked like back in 2020 when we had lockdowns. Things went back to normal when they lifted the restrictions which implies empty shelves are down to the health scare response and little to do with worker availability in retail.

  6. It’s a “Hopium” epidemic. Our Electeds are just phoning it in all over the place. Both parties. I saw a Blackstone story yesterday and thought “who do these people answer to?” Not Congress. We have outsourced our agency for far too long and we need to take back the reigns. The only plan I’ve heard so far that may well set us back to rights–if you want a non-violent solution–is through a #MassRecall. There’s a gentleman who has laid this plan out beautifully. Yes. I know it won’t be easy–but we’re at a tipping point–and we’ve kicked this can WAY down the road. Change is coming. Here’s an option that’s been presented in light of the Global Covid response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uApM_HckvY

  7. Wow…your Walmart looks like ours in Florida. Sad. On the brighter side🌝loved seeing the birds eat. Always such a happy scene!

  8. I’m angry that all the gains of our great nation in my entire adult lifetime are now lost.Put the blame directly on all those responsible as soon as possible.Dont let their Conspiracy Continue.

  9. january 22nd the truckes wint run because canad is requiring the shot to come in they said they going to leave the keys in the truck

  10. China Joe and his hooker are well fed and cared for…that should making everyone feel better…Lolololol

  11. Tesla get its colbat from the most polluting mine on the planet from child labor…
    It does not seem to bother anyone.

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