This is FNAF’s greatest sandbox game ever.

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By beatrix

19 thoughts on “How I used time travel to beat FNAF: SB WITHOUT RUNNING”
  1. you’re one of the VERY few youtubers who’s videos i actively look forward to, your commentary and chat interaction are really fun

  2. Giga Monty is legitimately an amazing example of what makes the enemies in these types of games terrifying, and it only accentuates just how shitty the enemies of Security Breach are in their current state.

    He reminds me of the Alien from Alien Isolation; once he hears you, he hunts relentlessly, and his footsteps are loud as fuck, causing you to go into panic mode the second you hear him barreling towards you. He doesn’t baby the player, but instead heavily punishes them for making a mistake, and organically approaches from across the map rather than teleporting to a random spot 10 feet away.

    It’s endlessly hilarious and extremely impressive to me that this game is so broken it fixes it’s AI when you do nothing but pick up an item early. This bug is fun, but it’s also melancholic in that it gives us a taste of what this game could have been, rather than the mess that we got.

    This game should have stayed in the oven for several more months, but at least the dough is squishy and fun to play with.

  3. I honestly didn’t expect you to answer my question in regards to which animatronic is the hottest. My answer? Mattpatt is the hottest FNAF character.

  4. TECHNICALLY, multiple montys are revenue for fazbear entratainment since they appeared out of thin air and didnt cost them anything

  5. I find it particularly funny that on of Giga-Monty’s quotes is “Run, Run, Run.” It’s like he’s saying “If you had just sprinted like a normal person, we wouldn’t be here.”

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