How The Latest Increase In Inflation Impacts Consumers Economy News 2022 economynews russiaukraine economy

#How The Latest Increase In Inflation Impacts Consumers #economy #economics #world, Economy News 2022

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New data shows the Consumer Price Index increased by one percent in May, pushing consumer inflation to the highest levels since 1981. CNBC’s Dominic Chu explains which items saw the biggest price hike and whether inflation is starting to peak. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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#economy #inflation #consumer

How The Latest Increase In Inflation Impacts Consumers

#How The Latest Increase In Inflation Impacts Consumers #wealth #future #politics #usa #realestate, Economy News 2022

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28 thoughts on “#How The Latest Increase In Inflation Impacts Consumers Economy News 2022, #economynews #russiaukraine #economy”
  1. How are those tariff$ working out for ya? Oil companies gouging Americans, buying back their own stock? Among many factors WORLD wide!!
    Whine, whine, whine vs DOING. Same as 08 gas prices, Americans are silent and complicit!! LAZY!!! 🤭😜🤪

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  4. It’s a sad day when the new inflation numbers are higher than Joe Biden’s approval rating.

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  6. We can thank Donald Chump’s hero, Vlad Pootin, for all this inflation.
    🤡 Chumps for Chump! 🤡

  7. Stop spending people and then inflation will go down. Too much spending causes inflation.

    So only buy necessities. Grow a garden instead of eating out. As a nation, this is not a time to waste money on frivolous things and go on vacations. Save that money.

  8. Not even accounting for the rising costs of food and such, in doing the math, to commute to and from work it’s now $744 a month. It’s rough. I’m fortunate enough that my wife and I can get through this for a while, but thoughts of retiring as soon as we’d like will eventually become far more difficult, as well as paying the associated costs of a young child. I feel terrible for minimum wage workers, those who rent, etc. They are only going to run into massive debts hard to get out of.

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  10. Welcome to the incompetent and clueless fool Joe Biden’s new America of misery, chaos, violence, and death!

  11. Even with war added to Brandon’s long list of failures, his voters still justify and support his spineless incompetence.

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  14. It’s Incredible How These News ‘reporters’ Make Themselves Sound Important. Getting Paid Well To Lie To Americans – Scum.

  15. Inflation to 15% and gas to $10 per gallon.
    Unfortunate that Biden and AOC progressives attacked our energy independence last year and killed Keystone pipeline; that gas and oil sure would come in real handy right now!!!

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