Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, join in as the Sharksons help put him back together!

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The Sharksons is a fun and educational show for children featuring classic, and new nursery rhymes! Join The Sharksons on their adventures through the ocean, cleaning up the sea and teaching children how to count, spell and more!

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Loved by kids age 1-2, The Sharksons teaches both new and classic nursery rhymes.

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Humpty Dumpty 00:00
10 In A Bed 01:54
Row Row Row Your Boat 04:29
Rainbow Fish 06:03
Brush Your Teeth Song – 123s and Numbers 07:53
Party Time Song – Pass the Parcel with Friends 09:58
Old McDugong Had A Bus 12:15
Shark Family 14:24
If You’re A Shark And You Know It 16:07
5 Little Digger Trucks 18:14
Jelly Jellyfish 20:34
Getting Ready for School 22:28
Pat-A-Cake – Sharks Bake a Cake Song 24:14
Winter Morning Song 25:43
Build It, Fix It – Ball Pit Fun 27:48

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