Drink Prime so I can get my $3,500,000 back 🙂
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I’m a 26 year old manchild living in Puerto Rico. This is my life.

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18 thoughts on “I Lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards”
  1. It’s okay because he’ll make the $3.5 million back from the publicity of this video alone. Have to hand it to Logan Paul for the smart thinking, well played. 😎👏👏

  2. Ok… knowing what publicity whores these people are…. and how easy it is to twist a narrative.. i bet this was all setup from the start just for views. But i mean i could be wrong. This just seems like too good of a scenario for a video for them to not of staged something like this. Or thought about it.

    That’s not to say people dont get scam’d all the time… but leave it to the paul brothers to take it above n beyond the realm of reality to bring you this epic content. :-

    I mean to some degree it worked cuz here i am watching this video, n i wouldnt ever consider watching anything they do.

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