THIS is what happens when LUXURY merchandise gets SHIPPED but then gets lost or goes unclaimed… they go to an auction where other people can BUY them for SUPER cheap! I bought a HUGE mystery box to see what treasures we can find.

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The featured auction is Erkelens & Olsen in Salt Lake City, UT – this video is not sponsored. All opinions and experiences are my own.

19 thoughts on “I Spent $7,000 on LOST CARGO Packages”
  1. Will any of this be going on poshmark? You should do a video and get a luxury authenticator to look at the pieces

  2. Hopefully some of the items are indeed real, will be interesting to see them get authenticated. Some pretty bags and products regardless

  3. Omg I am a huge cardinals fan and fan of Albert pujols !! What do you plan to do with the bat?! I would just love to have that 🙂

  4. Did anyone else not think that bag was cute 💀
    I feel like I should’ve but I just really didn’t. Maybe I just have bad taste 😅

  5. This was so exciting. I had so much fun seeing everything you got, and most of these things are totally awesome keeps! You definitely had great luck with this box!! Thanks for filming!!!

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