Weapon Upgrades for Bronze is coming soon! All the info about it and what you need to do here!


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20 thoughts on “IMPORTANT!!! Weapon Upgrades For Bronze! | Enlisted Economy News”
  1. The random weapon option was really good, it’s a shame to see it’s going. Most of my squads on Berlin and Normandy are equipped with mp40s and gewher 43s, and I got almost all of them from the random drops.

  2. i just started the game, went to logistics and mistakenly bought like 12 or 13 large grenade bags, instead of the intended large ammo bags xD
    hope at some point we can sell equipment that we dont need or use, cause im sitting on like 15 large grenade bags that i dont need 😀
    but maybe, at some point i will try using one dedicated grenade thrower and give him 3 smokes… that could proof very usefull during attacks for the team, because the lack of useing smoke grenades and smoke artillery is sadly, but truly disturbing 🙁

  3. off topic, but could you make a short tips video about the best ways to really help your team?

    not just being a good tank, sniper, SMG or MG gunner, wrecking the enemy and killing them by the dozens… that is good and obviously valueable for victory, but i mean more non-combat things…
    like having a pioneer in evry squad and placing spawn points all over the place, infront, behind and flanking your objective, so that the enemy gets overwhelmed by surrounding attacks.
    or for those who unlocked it already, using much more smoke artillery for attacks to cover advances…
    smoke grenades for simple soldiers are valuable aswell…
    i also gave my tiger crew smoke grenades, so i can lay down atleast visual cover, if immobile, or without cover otherwise.
    pioneers, not only building spawn points, but building ammo boxes at essential points, like good defensive positions with many teammates near, or near and on target in attack.

    more communication/coordination… imagine a radio operator on stand-by with his smoke arty, talking to team in chat, telling them to hide in position near the objective, mg gunners, snipers and tanks surpressing the enemy, half of the team waiting in position/not rushing into senseless death, radio operator calling in smoke, smoke landing, blocking the enemies line of sight, all together just sprinting for the objective, rushing it and overwhelming the enemy in force oO

    you know, stuff like that, i am sure you can think of other examples of good teamplay 🙂

  4. It’s an economy buff to players who are already established in campaigns. In Moscow as axis I spent enough orders to equip my troops with semi autos, mgs, good smgs, etc, but not enough orders to upgrade my weapons to max. Upgrading will be cheaper.

    In Normandy for me however it’ll be more expensive to get the later tier weapons compared to how much it costed me prior.

  5. It’s going to be interesting to see how this will work in practice, but I’m gonna go ahead and call it that this will make the game a lot slower to progress in terms of weapons and equipment. You’re gonna need so many silver orders for your guns, for your medkits and for your equipment and grenades. And not only are you going to need so many silver orders, you essentially are going to get 1 silver order every 2 games for average players. Essentially if you are a below average player that gets maybe 5 or 6k experience per game you are going to have to play 4 or 5 games just to get a silver order so you can buy a new mosin nagant rifle. It could end up taking you 2-3 hours of gameplay to buy a new medkit.
    And that’s not even counting if you are playing without premium account to boot…
    Personally I’m a pretty decent player that usually get to the top 3 on the scoreboard and finish most games with 15-25k xp gained, but even so this still seem like an absolute chore to me.
    It would have been better and made more sense if backpacks, medkits, grenades and pistols were still available for bronze orders kind of like they are now and you would have been free to only spend your silver orders on main weapons… But Jesus Christ fuck me in the ass, I think this is really gonna suck.

  6. This is terrible, weapons should be silver and only weapons and we should still be able to get random weapons and equipment using bronze orders, seriously this is trash.

  7. I started playing this game because I liked the ability to play somewhat casually. Sounds like casual players will need to move on… Oh well sai la vie

  8. this was absolutely a TERRIBLE change. the random weapons was a good mechanic, its incredibly easy to amass bronze weapon orders, so getting weapons was never a problem. Yes, getting enough of the same weapon to max it could be grindy, especially when you get to high levels and theres two dozen guns to get. obviously the solution here was to adopt a Payday 2 offshore account mechanic, where you can pay extra orders to narrow down the weapon types/tiers/etc you can get.

    Silver orders are incredibly difficult to get now, and i almost exclusively save them to max out the high tier vehicles. A HUGE complaint everyone had since day 1 was the extreme rarity of silver orders, and now youve multiplied the usage of silvers by about 6x, BEFORE you factor in equipment.

    Starter rifles no longer grant any benefit to scrapping, and so many good weapons are worthless to scrap. Ive suggested for months now that we should be allowed to exchange 25 weapon parts for a bronze order, and this system is absolutely horrible.

    This change is 1000000% controlled by gaijin, NOT darkflow. darkflow has been trying to listen and make the game better, but time and again gaijin steps in with monetizationand forced grind walls, things that ruined War Thunder. Now gaijin is doing it to Enlisted, and this game doesnt have anywhere NEAR the following to start pissing off the community like this.

    Im extremely miffed about this update, and i feel terrible that the devs are the ones who have to bear the brunt of this when its clear it was a gaijin decision to force people to spend money on the vastly overpriced premium items (literally 59.99 for a single tank and squad).

    If this continues, im going to go back to Hell Let Loose and Post Scriptum. Being unique isnt worth giving up my ability to have fun and actually progress in any way.

  9. Yeah fuck this game; as a f2p player this will be a terrible update. Thank you for the heads up Quadro, however, I will be uninstalling.

  10. Sadly the game is really a pay to progress game, but this seem to change it all! but it will always be a big grind game! i like this tho.

  11. Quadro, I understand from your perspective as someone who makes money off of covering the game, (therefore playing a lot more than the average joe) and gets free gold orders to review, it’s not that big of a problem. But PLEASE think about this from the perspective of a free player. I have premium + BP as this is the only FPS I play, and it’s still going to SUCK to grind. This game already suffers from population issues, and too many people don’t even know this game exists. Making progress impossible is going to drive away players, who will tell people about the grind and slow it’s pathetic growth rate even more. My friends and I used to play War Thunder together all day, now we don’t even have it installed because there’s no point in playing the game is so Pay to Win. I really like the core gameplay of Enlisted, and it could have potential as a semi-realistic, free WW2 shooter. It would be a shame to see it die for a short-term profit increase.

  12. Okay cool, can we now get the ability to mass dismiss soldiers please? I have like 200 troops holding Kar98k rifles in normandy and it’s a massive chore to go one by one to dismiss them. What the fuck darkflow

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