In this Session Bhunesh Sir will be teaching about International News for Railway NTPC CBT 2/Group D | Group d Syllabus Discussion by Bhunesh Sir @wifistudy

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🚀 Bhunesh Sir से जानें सभी Current Affairs

🚀 Top 300 Current Affairs Questions (Part-1)
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🚀 Top 300 Current Affairs Questions (Part-2)
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🚀 Last 6 Months Current Affairs 2020

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=== Live Classes Schedule (Mon-Fri) from 1 Dec 2021 ===

✿ Morning Shows:
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06:00 AM – General Science by Neeraj Sir
07:00 AM – Current Affairs & Static GK by Shipra Ma’am
07:15 AM – The Hindu Editorial by Sandeep Kesarwani Sir
08:00 AM – Current Affairs Show by Bhunesh Sir
08:40 AM – Vocabulary Show by Sanjeev Sir

✿ RRB Group D/CBT 2:
09:00 AM – General Science by Shipra Ma’am
09:30 AM – Physics by Neeraj Sir
10:15 AM – Reasoning by Deepak Sir
11:00 AM – Maths by Sahil Sir
12:00 PM – General Awareness by Rohit Sir

✿ SSC GD (15 Dyas Crash Course) Start From 1st Till 15th Dec:
12:30 PM – Maths by Sahil Sir
01:30 PM – Hindi by Alok sir
02:00 PM – English by Sandeep Kesarwani Sir
03:00 PM – General science By Neeraj jangid
04:00 PM – Reasoning by Deepak Sir
05:00 PM – GK By Rohit Kumar

✿ SSC CGL Foundation Batch 2021:
06:00 PM – English by Sanjeev rathore
07:00 PM – General science By Amandeep Sir
08:00 PM – Maths by Dhasu Sir
09:00 PM – Reasoning by Ritika Ma’am
10:00 PM – Reasoning by Akash Sir

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