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Internet Speed Test is an app that can easily measure your internet performance by performing a mobile speed test.

Internet Speed Test app specifically designed to test gigabit internet connection very accurately in terms of download and upload speed. It will check your internet connection speed quickly and easily on your mobile. The application can test all forms of gigabit internet connectivity whether its over WIFI network or cellular network. Our unique algorithm is not only designed to capture ultra-high-speed internet connectivity, but also to work efficiently on all types of devices. With this, you can get the most accurate fiber internet speed test anywhere in the world.

The application also captures your coverage as well as latency (ping) and jitter to show how good your connection is for real-time applications. The Internet Speed Test application also provides you with other connection details like your IP address as well as the name of your internet service provider.

Main Features:

✓ Testing speed for mobile and WiFi internet connections:
Our App ias an internet speed test tool that can be used to check the speed of your mobile and wireless connection (on 3G, 4G LTE or 5G), as well as for WiFi speed testing.

✓ Test connection speed and app performance:
Allows you to see how your internet connection and download speed will affect the performance of your favorite mobile apps.

✓ Easy to use speed test
One simple test gives you easy-to-understand results for download speed, upload speed and ping time.

✓ Historic internet speed test performance
See a timeline of your tests in the history tab and review the stats for each speed test to monitor how your network experience has changed over time.

Other Features:

✓ Simple to understand test illustrations.
✓ Colored results for maximum clarity.
✓ No unnecessary permissions.
✓ Run tests of cellular networks on 3g, 4g, LTE connections to improve your coverage.
✓ Test the ping, download and upload speed of WiFi hotspots on dsl, adsl, cable connections.
✓ Worldwide high speed data server network for reliable results.
✓ Keep track of your tests in your personal result history. This includes download and upload speed, ping, signal strength, network name, internal and external IP and the test date.
✓ Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cell tests. Study the reliability of your broadband dsl, adsl, cable connections over time.

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#Internet Speed Test: Net Meter #broadband #speedtest 2022

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