Is the Economy in a Recession or a Depression? #newschooltattoo #newstuff, İnternational news 2022

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There are worsening signs all around us with the economy. I am in Laguna Beach California and I’m going to show you the retail that has been completely destroyed down here. Is this a recession or the beginning of a depression? #Recession #Depression #Inflation #iAllegedly #TheFed #StudentLoans #stimulus #Evictions

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  1. i saw a guy at dollar tree packing a gun on his hip. he was off grid and stocking up on food. his cart was filled. i see people shopping. i know this year hubby is building me something.i dont know what. i am crocheting him and i slippers. my son is re wrapping his childrens old toys for gifts this year. my hubby made our grandgirls a dollhouse for xmas. we arent spending.

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