Its a TSUNAMI of bad economic news Liam Halligan reacts to the OECD prediction for 0 UK growth Economy News 2022 economynews russiaukraine economy

#It’s a TSUNAMI of bad economic news | Liam Halligan reacts to the OECD prediction for 0% UK growth #economy #economics #world, Economy News 2022

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#It’s a TSUNAMI of bad economic news | Liam Halligan reacts to the OECD prediction for 0% UK growth #wealth #future #politics #usa #realestate, Economy News 2022

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37 thoughts on “#It’s a TSUNAMI of bad economic news | Liam Halligan reacts to the OECD prediction for 0% UK growth Economy News 2022, #economynews #russiaukraine #economy”
  1. We’re fast becoming a third World Country. We even have a third World population arriving daily to prove it!

  2. ……and Sunak will look suprised! He has created Lockdown Mk2 by allowing price hike in.fuel ptices …. but it wont.bother him or Johnson.

  3. Incredible! I forecast this when they announced lockdown two years ago! How come our “elites” couldn’t see this as a result of their cretinous actions! Oh sorry, that was the point!

  4. Socialist policies create a socialist economy. Our country is being led by an inept government bereft of moral authority or competence. The 2020s will be a dire decade for many

  5. If it was just the uk then blame the government but its world wide from Australia to China from Europe to America its global what did you think 2 years of stagnation of covid lockdowns would produce. It baffles me that 2 tears of complete lockdowns of sector’s and people are surprised at inflation

  6. They can’t cut tax because who’ll pay for their new citizens turning up in boats every single day?

  7. 0% probably optimistic. Really bad when you consider there were 1 million immigrants last year.

  8. A Tsunami of bad economic news caused by a Tsunami of bad economic practice. Remember, it’s only bad for the consumer, especially working class consumers.

  9. cut tax for everyone across the board for 6 months and get those hotels permanently emptied

  10. I thought coming out of covid life would be good again but all this doom and gloom is worse than covid i worked though covid and kept my mental health but now my mental health is going down the pan worrying have can i pay bills with the same money i was earning 2 year’s ago

  11. We have inexperienced individuals at the head of government departments and a leader??? Is he!
    We need professional heads of department who are trained in their field of expertise and not inexperienced who have tried to learn the job whilst doing the job. This ailing country is through so many combinations of poor decision making and the wrong people in the job that should have been given to the very best qualified. It is this lack of experience and now these people must go and trained individuals who know the job urgently put in their place.

  12. Are western manufactured goods bought by the Arab nations more or less expensive than they were two years ago ? Why should the Arab nations subsidise the west ? Inflation impacts different areas of production at different times, but the overall trend for prices is generally up. As for all commodity prices – which are in effect real money- you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  13. They all fail us.

    Communism, socialism or hyper-capitalism; all the economic systems that we are caged to argue about all end up serving one group of globalist people, with all systems effectively turning populations into slaves for the higher uppers, all systems fail the native people when we live in a ‘globalist’ world and are governed by a failing ‘democratic’ system.

    Their is only one solution, the combination of nationalism and socialism as one.

    Nationalism for the spirit of the nation
    Socialism for the people of the nation

  14. Won’t worry the rich will it, Rishi’s answer was to put up tax, what chance do we stand.

  15. don’t worry, these economic predictions are almost always wrong. They give the worst case scenario which hardly ever materialises so in other words, they don’t know.

  16. Please ! This is the same Liam Halligan that spent a week in Northern Ireland and came to the conclusion pat the baker and Fred the candlestick maker are doing well so protocol is fantastic, and we all know how that’s going. The ONS data yesterday shows that the only region of the UK still in the EU, that of Northern Ireland is doing dreadfully compared to rest of UK not in the EU. Asking Liam is like asking my cat

  17. Its JOE BIDENS FAULT.. he put noose around the free worlds oil supply the first day he took office.. trump had so much oil flowing it was dirt cheap. The Saudis had no chance. Now the Saudis are in the driving seat on prices

  18. As Andrew Bridgen said “this government is taking diktat’s from the top”. The ‘Club of Rome’ zero growth equals less resources used, unless you are the 1%.

  19. Love that this guy talks about the need for less regulation, then goes on to show how the lack of regulation in regards to oil companies allows for grotesque exploitation of the consumer

  20. Why would the public think for one moment our politicians are capable of managing our energy security? Come on, they couldn’t manage an ice cream van.

  21. America has Joe Biden
    Great Britain has corrupt Boris Johnson
    Bet they never miss a meal or avoid using the car!!!!!
    All in the plan!

  22. And we keep the illegal immigrants in luxury at a cost of £5million a DAY!!
    You read that right,
    £5million a DAY !!!

  23. All predicted. Once you are in a country that is happy to set fire to £37 billion on track and trace, there is only one outcome

  24. Fuel on motorways has been over £2 for years and yet muppets still pay it, they are to blame as much as anything, in 50 years I’ve never filled up on a motorway, screw loose society

  25. Shutting down the country for the best part of 2 yrs on lockdowns that we now find made little difference to stopping the spread of Covid was always going to cost the country big.

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