Its Not All Bad Some Bright Spots Seen In Struggling Economy Economy News 2022 economynews russiaukraine economy

#’It’s Not All Bad’: Some Bright Spots Seen In Struggling Economy #economy #economics #world, Economy News 2022

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Ali Velshi cites job numbers and falling gas prices as examples of positive U.S. economic indicators that show that despite ongoing struggles, it’s not all bad news on the U.S. economic front.
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#’It’s Not All Bad’: Some Bright Spots Seen In Struggling Economy #wealth #future #politics #usa #realestate, Economy News 2022

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  1. A democrats greatest enemy is truth, liars fear the truth, because the truth always overcomes lies, there’s no reason to silence an opinion unless you fear it, if you fear an opinion it’s only because you fear the truth……

  2. For Christmas this last year I bought every democrat in my family a Trumpy Bear, they loved it so much they became ULTRA MAGA…..

  3. Correction. The US backfilled jobs that were emptied during covid lockdwns. The only thing created ,was a Dookie in JoeBs depends.

  4. A quote from Joe Biden the 10-year-old girl had to go to Indiana to end her presidency. you can’t make this s*** up

  5. So Brandon is throwing breadcrumbs at the starving masses and this network says you should be happy? Let’s go Brandon! I agree!

  6. Brandon’s inflation is at a 40 year high! His 33% approval rating, even with a biased msm and social media, screams… Let’s go Brandon! I agree!

  7. Funny when gas prices was about to rise when President Trump was in office. Democratic leaders demanded he do something in front of a Exxon station. Yet when Americans demand Biden to do something the response is it’s a global issue. Hypocrisy showing

  8. Biden Family Values: Hunter Biden Blasts Stepmom Jill Biden’s Teaching Skills, Calls Her a “Vindictive Moron” and an “Entitled C*nt” in Texts

  9. Stop the bs! The new numbers reflect Americans returning to the workforce after the pandemic, not because of the gross incompetent and sociopathic liar Joe Biden.

  10. from one of your own reports, only 10% of Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction

  11. Hahahahaha!Not that bad?Hahahahaha!Look at the bright side we’re setting records.The most expensive anything has been ever.

  12. When are we going to learn that many of our progressive policies are very destructive to Americans and to the economy. We began to get a glimpse of this towards the end of the Obama era. We remember when he told our union base workers in a couple of speeches that our economic malaise was the new normal and that the jobs that have fled offshore will never return to the USA.
    Trump proved that wrong. He unleashed American energy sector, he unleashed America’s mining sector, we had full employment at 3.2% and the Wall Street Journal reported that lower and middle income Americans were earning a higher percentage of wage increase in upper class Americans. Black unemployment was it a historic low and other protected classes to include females, Hispanics and blacks were entering into successful entrepreneurship.
    Much of that came to an end when COVID-19 struck the world but we were beginning to recover at the end of the Trump term and we had slightly more than a 1% inflation rate. We can easily chart when Joe took office that the wheels began to fall off our wagon. He negated many of the programs that gave us a supercharged economy.
    We have to remember what former President Obama said about Joe Biden. He stated that Americans do not realize how badly Joe can, ‘F’ things up. I believe we all probably understand now.

  13. “That iceberg came out of nowhere… First mate! How’s the ship holding up?”
    “It’s not all bad, sir.”

  14. *Biden 2019:* “I guarantee you, we’re going to end fossil fuels.” Remember this as you starve to death. (PS for libs: fossil fuel makes farming possible)

  15. Based off the comments, it doesn’t look like that many people are buying what you’re selling 🤔

  16. “It’s not all bad”

    if that’s the best Biden’s state media has, it’s definitely all bad

  17. Don’t worry… the economy is crashing… inflation is at 40 year highs… you can’t buy baby formula so babies are dying… and there are 2 million people flooding each year over the border… the U.S has lost a 20 Year War effort and handed the country back to the people who they went in to defeat int he first place…. but thankfully we have no more mean tweets.

  18. the end of this video is the most condescending, elitist bullsh*t. “hey the hotdog and soda combo is still $1.50 at Costco, so the economy isn’t all that bad” says the millionaire news man…..

  19. Americans are paying 5 dollars a gallon for gasoline and Joe Biden is shipping our oil reserves off to China.

  20. Well , guess I’ll go fuel up the yacht…. Oh , we’re suffering all right 🙄 ! RETHUGLICON trolls must be oppressed…. no one else is complaining…. only magats …. spin doctors of self inflicted causes. IT DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE MAGATS !! America is on to your Tactics ! i.e. ; 2020 ELECTION 》 7 MILLION VOTERS CAUGHT ON …. TWICE THAT NOW AND COUNTING !! AMERICA IS VOTING BLUE NO MATTER WHO TO GET RID OF YOU 👇👍 !! 😅😂🤣🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊

  21. all these media quacks are millionaires, telling us struggling folks that things aren’t that bad

  22. The radical leftist media has worked tirelessly to do damage control for all the lies and cover all the failures of this incompetent administration under lobotomy joe..

  23. “It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who register to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men who do so—end of quote, repeat the line. Women are not without electoral and, or, political—let me be precise: not and, or—or political power,” Biden is heard saying, standing before the lectern.

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