Boris Johnson bought some breathing space by apologizing for attending a party at his Downing Street office during the first pandemic lockdown, but anger in his ruling U.K. Conservative Party means his grip on power is precarious.

Opposition politicians repeatedly called on him to resign during a heated session of Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament on Wednesday. Tory benches were subdued. Johnson’s apology, for now, was just enough to calm the mutinous mood among his MPs.

Early Thursday, Johnson pulled out of a planned visit to Lancashire in northern England because a family member tested positive for coronavirus, according to his press secretary.

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17 thoughts on “Johnson Buys Time With Apology But U.K. Tory Rage Simmers”
  1. This guy sucks! Like I thought he was conservative! Wtf is wrong with him!!!! WEAK! Y’all need a real TRUMP!

  2. wait for an official probe? There are literal photographs of the event, emails concerning the event, and people who were present at the event saying they were there. Let’s be honest as usual right wing politicians are just waiting for the next scandal to make people forget about the current one.

  3. Well if it’s anything like California he’s going to get away with it, because that’s what the California governor does.Don’t know why Americans are making such a big deal about it, our politicians have done worse.

  4. He’s just another in a long list of government leaders and rich elites that ignore rules because they know they’re exempt. Just ask them. BS excuses are plenty. Saying sorry. Oh, that makes it better.

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