Josephus Did Indeed Mention Jesus Dr. Samuel Zinner indeed 2022

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In this live stream, Dr. Samuel Zinner joins us to discuss his thoughts on the Testimonium Flavianum.

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4 thoughts on “#Josephus Did Indeed Mention Jesus – Dr. Samuel Zinner #indeed 2022”
  1. Eh. Why would Josephus spend so much time talking about a fraud, much less call him “extraordinary”. Did Josephus commonly use sarcasm?

  2. Two levels of interpolations and what seems to be embellishments of the original Semitic language version of Josephus:

    It seems to me we should be extremely circumspect when reading the Slavonic Josephus.

  3. Thank you for doing this Jacob.

    Dr Zinner
    presents some new ways to view the Testimonium Flavianum.

    Makes a person stand back and digest everything…

  4. Brilliant scholars like Carrier go to great lengths to disprove the TF. He seems dogmatic and not falsifiable when he proposes his mythicist notions of Jesus. To be a scholar, you present a hypothesis and are prepared to have it falsified. If not, then you are pretending to be a scholar and are parading a hypothesis around but in fact what you are peddling is dogma. You have become a peddler of beliefs and have ceased to be a person grounded in scientific methodology and processes.

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