We discuss the China Evergrande housing crisis, China’s response to Kazakhstan, the Chinese economy and unemployment concerns, the Tianjin situation, and more #chinaupdate

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China Update provides you guys with the most up to date political, economic, and geostrategic analysis on China – so that you are on top of the world’s number 2 economy. I was originally a lawyer who later studied Chinese foreign policy in Beijing. My videos are based on hundreds of articles, think tank reports, government statements and other resources in English and Chinese every week. The views and analysis are all my own and I make the videos.

00:00 Introduction
00:12 Tianjin Situation
03:25 Kazakhstan
06:01 Chinese Unemployment
07:41 Chinese Economic & Financial Developments | China Economy
09:47 China Evergrande Housing Crisis: Banking Sector Exposure

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17 thoughts on “Kazakhstan | Evergrande Housing Crisis | Chinese Economic Slowdown | Tianjin & more China news”
  1. The four horsemen : Crackdowns on Big Tech, Crackdowns on Education, General Real Estate vertical economic slide (from land sales income to provincial govt, developers, construction, manufacturing, banking and other misc associated elements dependent on the previous high continued growth), and the zero Covid policy is the fourth. Any one of these would be a huge problem. All four at once is catastrophic.

  2. China isn’t growing at all. If it were they wouldn’t be seeing hundreds of millions losing jobs/businesses. More like 25% drop in GDP

  3. Ever see videos of Chinese women drivers- my guess is that 50% of Chinese vehicle sales are people replacing wrecked cars.

  4. *CCP is transitioning to a prolonged state of stagflation* It’s good to know the government that started the pandemic is struggling to ever recover* After the CCP collapses, the world will be a wonderful place again!

  5. Given the property sector, upstream and downstream, is 35% of China’s GDP, if it has flat growthr the rest of China’s economy would have to grow near 7% to meet the Goldman Sachs 4.3% GDP growth estimate. It won’t.

  6. It always amazes me how the so called American rating agencies are so out of touch with reality…then days or weeks ahead of a real crash…all of a sudden cry wolf… degrades the situation to its real status…then again…money talks…if enough money is paid to the ratings agency they will rate the country or business that’s advantageous to them…not the investors until it’s all over rover!!! Anybody who deals in china knows instinctively China is far worst then a paid by the state by any business rating agency ever will admit to…

  7. Do we all forget that “cooking the books” is the rule in China. I’m sure China will soon be reporting a healthy ~7% growth. Be a part of this! Send your investment dollars NOW…….Yeah

  8. I fear that the CCP, wiith all their problems, will invade Taiwan, merely to take pressure off themselves. It wouldn’t be the first time governments have started a war to divert attention from problems at home.

  9. Tony, do you discuss any of this with the locals over there? I was wondering what they think of news like this, if they even keep up with it.

  10. A country like china takes so many ppl to run it. Can’t imagine china opening the doors to Covid and allowing it to spread like the west is doing. The whole country will go under

  11. Debt is accumulating faster than growth, so China’s productivity problems seem to be getting worse. Poor productivity, low consumption, a housing bubble, local government debt, and zero cases Covid policy, it’s hard to imagine how China avoids a recession.
    Great stuff as usual.

  12. Population needs to be in balance with jobs, resources, nature and the environment. The virus is nature fighting back. Humans are crowding out all other species of plants and animals. Men need to be more responsible for their children or get a vasectomy. More people demand more resources. Endless population growth is not sustainable on a finite planet. Having a child that you can not provide for is cruel and irresponsible. If you can not provide for yourself you can not provide for a child. People need to be more responsible. Having a bigger population in any country than the country can support makes no sense. Access to food, water, shelter and jobs should guide population levels. AI Robots will do more jobs in the future requiring less workers for industry. The worlds population is still expected to add another billion people to feed, clothe and produce pollution. Factory farming and factory animal agriculture is not sustainable. Meat and dairy production are cruel to animals.

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