KFC has teamed up with Beyond Meat to offer new plant-based Beyond Nuggets! This promotion is available Nationwide with 6 Beyond Meat Nuggets available for $7. Are these Nuggets finger lickin’ good? Find out in today’s review!


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20 thoughts on “KFC’s NEW Beyond Nuggets are Inedible”
  1. With all of the absolute incredible advances that we have made in beyond foods over the course of the last seven years (as that’s how long I’ve been vegetarian so that’s what I know of this) And how many different options exist of quote unquote regular food as a vegetarian meat substitute option, KFC should be ashamed of this.

    There are so many SO MANY ways to make bigger, chicken breast sized (albeit boneless) pieces of chicken. As someone who was looking forward to this, I’m PISSED off. 😥

  2. _Beyond_ Fried Chicken… Yes, well, don’t mind me while I place this _beyond_ my mouth and _into_ _the_ _trash._

  3. In late 2020, I tried the popcorn chicken and the Big Crunch version, and I couldn’t stand them. The popcorn were better only because of the greater volume of breading per bite, but they were still gross. I only finished everything just because I didn’t want it all to go to waste, but otherwise, I was done after the first couple bites. Pizza Pizza (Canada) so far has had the best fake chicken sandwich I’ve ever had, and I often get a real and fake one when I go.

  4. As someone who’s never been able to eat KFC since I was a kid, due to not eating chicken… I’m modestly curious how good these might be.

  5. Strange you say tortoise, Mr Brah. I just spent an evening researching turtle species in the United States, or as they are less know, testudinidae.

  6. This is quite possibly the least surprising food review I have ever seen. Go buy this people! then opt out of your dental coverage for the year, it’s gonna be on KFC.

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